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Improve Your Team’s Customer Service with VoIP

VoIP Customer Service

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Improve Your Team’s Customer Service with VoIP

Your VoIP customer service team is on the front line of your business, which means you should do everything they can to make their work easier. When you give them access to the right tools, they’re able to retain and upsell customers, provide great customer experience, and deliver timely responses.

VoIP phone systems are a business tool that can add value to every customer interaction. VoIP is one of the most powerful methods of enhancing a customer service team’s ability to deliver an excellent experience across the board. It enables better management of call volume, seamless voice and video conferencing, digital call recording, SMS notifications and more.

Here are three reasons why every customer service team should be using a VoIP service provider such as VirtualPBX:

VoIP Customer Service

Exceeding Increased Customer Expectations

The 24/7 customer has arrived. Customers now expect a business to be online 24 hours a day and are increasingly impatient about getting what they want, when they want it.

VoIP phones allow a company to outsource customer support to anywhere in the world. Whether the team is in a contact center or working from home, it doesn’t matter to the customer – they use the same telephone number regardless.

Outsourcing provides 24/7 customer service by providing a workforce that’s spread out across time zones. This allows businesses to keep their employees fresh, which results in a friendlier and more helpful service.

VoIP Customer Service

Better VoIP Customer Service Quality at a Lower Cost

VoIP phone services have improved the clarity of phone calls. The improved experience is due to a broader frequency range than is available to analog phones. However, call clarity is directly related to broadband quality, so a business-class broadband connection that prioritizes voice over data is required to achieve the best quality. A bonus is that this improvement in service does not come at a higher cost.

VoIP phone systems are more affordable to install, and call costs are lower, than traditional wired phone services. Switching to VoIP can save small businesses as much as 45 percent each month over traditional phone service.

Customer Service

Reduced Wait Times

Conversation is one of the most important ways we communicate with each other, so it’s no surprise that resolving customer issues quickly is a top priority for all businesses.

Adding some on-hold music to your VoIP system can increase the time that callers are prepared to wait. The reason for this is that perceived duration is decreased when listening to music, so they perceive that they’re waiting less time than they actually are.

VoIP is designed to increase efficiency in the workplace. As a standard feature of VoIP, caller ID allows users to know who is calling without having to answer the phone. This greatly reduces the amount of time spent waiting through calls and also leads to more personal customer relationships.

Reduced Wait Times

Improve Your VoIP Customer Service with VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX is the leader VoIP services provider in both customer service AND a leader in enabling better customer service experiences.

To get started, compare our business VoIP plans. VirtualPBX VoIP plans have been designed to give small businesses like yours the best in pro-level voice, text, and video features that make your business better. We also back these business phone plans with 24/7 support whether you’re a single entrepreneur ready to launch the next big idea idea or a multi-national enterprise call center ready to migrate to the cloud. Start your VoIP comparison below and get started today!

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