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3 Types of Small Business Communication Solutions for 2023

Business Communication Solutions

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3 Types of Small Business Communication Solutions for 2023

In 2023, business communication solutions have evolved dramatically. For small businesses, advances in technology have changed the way they communicate with employees, vendors, and customers across a spectrum of devices and methods. Regardless if you have a brick-and-mortar storefront or a virtual business, landlines are no longer an efficient or cost-effective means of communication.

This guide will introduce small businesses to three types of communication methods that are essential for their success in 2023.

Business Communication Solutions

What Are Modern Small Business Communication Solutions?

Small business communication solutions are communication tools that are designed to improve communication efficiency for small businesses. These solutions typically consist of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Text Messaging, and Video Conferencing. Today, communication solutions give small businesses the power to streamline internal and external communications, allowing remote work and hybrid work schedules through apps on a range of devices.

3 Types Of Business Communication Solutions

1. Business Voice

Business VoIP services offer a variety of features, including voice calling designed for business use. VirtualPBX allows small businesses to cut their calling costs by up to 80%. When switching to VoIP, admins can utilize softphone apps and IP phones to make calls over the internet. Our easy setup allows you to select a new business number or port your existing number. You’ll get unlimited calling and have the ability to forward calls to cell phones and landlines. Plus, you can impress callers with professional greetings, HD voice quality, and auto-attendants. Business Voice has been the bread and butter of our business communication solutions for decades and we’ve continually improved – just read our customer reviews!

2. Business Texting

Business texting is one of the fastest growing business communication solutions for making businesses more accessible to customers. With business texting, you can send SMS and MMS texts from your main business number, allowing your team to respond to clients on your behalf. You can save common replies to increase efficiency and integrate texting with your favorite tools and services. 

3. Video Conferencing

Businesses that utilize remote workers will benefit from the VirtualPBX video conferencing service included in our Flex, Pro, and Premier plans. A computer or smartphone is all you need to make calls and participate in live meetings without the hassle of paying for a separate video conferencing service. With a virtual phone system like VirtualPBX, it’s never been easier to have every available option for communication with employees, clients, and vendors.

Why Do You Need An All-In-One Solution?

For over 20 years, we’ve served small businesses. We know what they want and expect in business communication solutions: an easy setup, comprehensive features, and 24/7 expert support. Our customers love how our platform saves them money by allowing them to avoid purchasing multiple costly apps and having to configure multiple types of software. Have a question about our plans? Explore our affordable plan options and book a meeting with a VoIP expert today!

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