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Overcoming Manager Burnout

Manager Burnout

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Overcoming Manager Burnout

Manager Burnout ImageManager burnout has always been a challenge, especially in the tech space, where it is too easy to keep working — whenever and wherever you want to. It becomes a bit of a trap for many remote teams if you aren’t careful. Imagine the breakdown when management teams cannot feel like they are putting in 100%.

Why Manager’s Burnout?

As a manager, you spend most of your time focusing on the health and productivity of your team. You have to address performance issues, provide training opportunities, and help employees stay motivated. But how can managers be expected to improve the engagement and welfare of their workforce if they, themselves, begin to experience “burnout”?

A recent Fortune Forum report surveyed 9,000 knowledge workers worldwide. A staggering 91% of middle management disclosed that they had trouble working remotely compared to individuals and senior executives. According to a new survey from Prudential Financial, six in 10 say the pandemic has hurt their mental health. Manager burnout is a domino effect that has severe consequences for a company.

Don’t Feel the Burn

Over the last two years, manager burnout has become more pronounced than ever for businesses and individuals. It is a matter of having awareness when you are experiencing the symptoms. That means it is time to recharge body and mind. I put it on my calendar, occasionally scheduling additional time after challenging pushes with the team. Your mileage may vary, but I find it essential to do the following things to “battle the burn.”

  • First, finish whatever you are doing. When I say finish, it means finding a suitable place to stop working and planning when or how you will pick back up when you return. This step is critical as a manager to allow yourself to stop thinking and focus on that work.
  • Second, communicate clearly with your team members to ensure they have what they need to continue their work and are aware you are stepping away.
  • Finally, disconnect — completely. Mute all notifications, turn off your computer, step away from work and your desk or workspace physically.

Stop Burnout Image

Battling the Burnout

VirtualPBX is a remote company, and we have been for a long time. We learned early on how to spot signs of manager burnout through trial and error. What to do to recharge is unique to everyone. I take my dogs for a walk or go mountain biking, depending on when I step away to reboot. Some of my team will cook or play with their kids — whatever works for you. If there is a “secret” to recharging, it is organization and communicating clearly with your team. And having the right tools in place to make this happen. These techniques help you step away and shift focus to the most important thing – you.

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