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Remote Work Webinar: Get Remote Work Tips and Tricks Training

According to Census Bureau Statistics, the average telecommuter demographic is 49 years of age, a college graduate, and an employee of a company with more than 100 employees.

There’s always something you can learn about the nature of remote work — whether or not you or your employees fit that statistic. Our remote work webinar recording here seeks to educate employers and employees about what they can expect when working, part- or full time, in their home office or in a coffee shop.

According to a study done by Global Workplace Analytics, 50% of the workforce can work remotely. Interestingly enough, that isn’t even enough to meet demand because more workers than ever before desire a job that allows telecommuting. A staggering 80-90% of workers say they would opt to work remotely for at least a portion of their jobs. This data reflects a major change in the workplace landscape. Given this change, remote workers and employers have had to reassess their communication processes and the tools they use to stay productive while on the job.


Watch the Remote Work Webinar Recording

In the remote work webinar, we dispelled common remote work myths and highlighted the benefits of adopting a remote work policy. We also provided remote work tips, introduced some of our favorite remote working tools, and illustrated the best practices for companies moving away from traditional work policies. As a remote company ourselves, we’ve learned many lessons along the way – what works and what can inhibit productivity and culture. Learn more when you watch the webinar recording – fill out the form below to gain access.