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New VirtualPBX Starter Plan For Small Businesses and Startups

New VirtualPBX Starter Plan For Small Businesses and Startups

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New VirtualPBX Starter Plan For Small Businesses and Startups

VirtualPBX, an award-winning business VoIP service provider, is excited to announce a new cost-effective plan and price reductions to its 2022 Business Phone Plans. In a focused effort to consistently deliver innovative customer experiences at an affordable cost, the phone system developer now offers a new cost-effective pricing plan  – VirtualPBX Starter Plan.

The Value of Our New Starter Plan

Our newest plan was created for small businesses and startups that are looking to get their foot in the door with VoIP. If you have a need for our Web Phone or to forward calls to a cell phone or landline, then this plan is perfect for you! The Starter Plan includes unlimited local minutes, 1 Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Audio Conferencing, Business Texting, Faxing, and Call Logs. Offered at monthly rate of $9 user/ month or an annual rate of $7 user/month, you can’t beat the value that this plan offers!

Also Introducing Our Newest Feature: Virtual Extensions

Need to step away from your desk phone and don’t want to miss an important phone call? The Virtual Extension feature can help you stay connected by providing an extension to another phone number. Below are some examples of where you can have your calls redirected:

  • A self-serve phone in a reception area
  • Forwarding calls to a landline or mobile phone
  •  Redirect calls to a conference room, breakroom, lab, warehouse, or common phone area

Price Reductions To Help You Stay Within Budget

Now offered at $16/month or $18/month annually, the entry-level Flex Plan is still the perfect product for hybrid workers or entrepreneurs, now adding better-than-basic features, including SMS, Video, Ring Groups, and Call Recording with 250 GB of storage and more.

The Pro Plan is a step up from Flex, a perfect option for most businesses needing advanced department insights. Features on Pro will include multiple Auto-Attendants, ACD Queues Pro, Microsoft Teams Integration, API Access, Hot Desking, Dynamic Caller ID, and 1,000 Toll-Free Minutes for only $20/month or $24/month annually.

Finally, our Premier Plan is our most elite offering at $28/month or $34/month annually, with features such as Advanced Call Reports, Dial In System Access, Live Wallboards, Custom Call Flows, and 2,500 Toll-Free minutes.

Get Connected and Staying Connected

What sets VirtualPBX apart is the 24/7 support from our dedicated onboarding team. We mean it when we say we “ensure that multiple sites and potentially hundreds of user devices get configured from the first day of operation.” Our teams are genuinely committed to guiding users to a better tomorrow in communication. Your success is our success, so let’s get started.

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