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How to Get a Local Phone Number

How to get a local number

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How to Get a Local Phone Number

If you’re looking for a new phone number, you may want to consider getting one with the area code of your business location. Local phone numbers are more credible and let people know your company’s location.

But what if you’re using your personal line for work? In that case, local numbers offer even more benefits. Here’s how small businesses can get a local phone number:

How to get a local number

Why You Should Get A Local Phone Number

In case you aren’t sold on getting a local number, it’s important to realize it’s an essential tool. Your personal cell phone is not meant to be used as a business line. It’s simply too easy for customers to call you at any time of day or night, leading to lost privacy, unprofessionalism, and missed calls. Furthermore, when paired with a virtual receptionist, business numbers will significantly decrease your exposure to robocalls and spam.

Use Caution With Free Local Numbers

Suppose you’re looking for something to use temporarily while deciding what other solution will work best for your company. Free services like Google Voice and Skype offer local numbers, though these services aren’t as reliable or secure as other options. Just be aware that free services do not provide support, and you may lose your business number, so proceed cautiously.

Plus, free services like these lack core features that co-workers and customers alike have come to expect. Business text messaging for example comes included on all VirtualPBX phone plans and helps you go beyond the personal text messaging features with options like canned and auto reply messages and even QR codes that let your customers start a conversation with a simple scan from their phone. 

How to Get a Legit Local Phone Number

The best way to get a local phone number is by selecting one from a reputable business VoIP provider. VirtualPBX offers one of the largest databases of local phone numbers to choose from in your area. Alternatively, you can browse our business phone plans and select the right plan for your needs. We offer a 14-day free trial and 24/7 support, and our pricing starts at only $7/mo. Our Starter Plan includes unlimited local minutes, two local numbers, and business texting. If you need more bells and whistles, we offer that too! VirtualPBX is the all-in-one VoIP provider for businesses in all stages of growth.

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