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Manage Your Queue Status From the VirtualPBX Web Phone

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Manage Your Queue Status From the VirtualPBX Web Phone

VirtualPBX Web Phone ACD Queue StatusWe’ve made some changes to our Web Phone recently to make managing your queue status in our ACD Queues easier.

Now any user can set themselves as Active or Away, or end their session altogether, with a single button click inside our Web Phone’s menu. No more toggling between your browser-based phone and the ACD Queues portal to manage your status.

Here’s a quick explainer of how it all works.

Our ACD Queues Feature

VirtualPBX Web Phone MenuIf you’re not yet familiar with ACD Queues, you should understand that it’s a feature available within our Advanced, Enterprise, and new Minute 500 and Minute 1000 plans.

This feature allows businesses to precisely route inbound callers to agents. It follows protocols like Round Robin to cycle callers to random agents or Least Calls to ring the agent who’s answered the least number of calls.

This works well for businesses that need to route calls to multiple agents but want to evenly distribute those those calls.

Previously, agents had to log in and out through the Queue itself. That’s no longer the case if they use the VirtualPBX Web Phone. Now they set their Queue status as Ready or Away or click End Session to log themselves out.

Take a Look at Web Phone Queue Status

In the sidebar menu of the Web Phone, a Begin Session button is prominently displayed for users who are part of a Queue. They can begin their session by clicking that button.

VirtualPBX Web Phone ACD Queue StatusOnce they’re logged in, an agent can then see their queue status in a drop-down menu. This menu starts off as Active but can be changed to Away or End Session by clicking the menu.

It only takes a few seconds for agents to change their status or completely exit a queue as necessary.

Save Time With Web Phone

The VirtualPBX Web Phone has gained a number of new features in recent months. When we upgraded to VirtualPBX Web Phone 2.0, we improved our user interface and added a voicemail management and a status indicator.

We also expanded Web Phone’s ability to accept new features like this ACD Queue Status selector.

This is just the beginning of what we have in store for our Web Phone. It’s accessible to all VirtualPBX customers, so we hope you can find use for it at your own business.

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