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VirtualPBX Minute Plans Offer Low-Cost Calling Alternative

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VirtualPBX Minute Plans Offer Low-Cost Calling Alternative

VirtualPBX Per Minute Plans Pricing Table ScreenshotAt VirtualPBX, we like to talk about the unlimited minutes available in our phone plans, but not every business needs that capability. Sometimes, a few hundred minutes is enough, so we have launched our new Per Minute Plans as an alternative to our traditional user-based plans.

Minute 300, Minute 500, and Minute 1000 give businesses a chance to save money without sacrificing essential features like Automated Attendant, Ring Groups, and Call Forwarding. These new plans start at $9.99 per month and are a great option for businesses that need reliable business phone service and powerful features, but which don’t need to complete a lot of calls.

Keep reading for a quick overview of our new offerings.

Features of Minute Plans

All our new Per Minute Plans come loaded with features. For any Minute tier you choose, you’ll receive:

In addition, each Per Minute Plan offers its own level of included minutes and extra features. Business that need more minutes, or which desire an expanded range of features, can choose a higher-tiered plan to better suit their needs.

  • Minute 300 offers businesses 300 local + toll-free minutes and includes 1 free phone number.
  • Minute 500 allows for 500 minutes of calling and includes 2 free phone numbers. It also adds ACD Queues capability for advanced call routing.
  • Minute 1000 boosts included minutes to 1000. It comes with 3 free phone numbers, Call Recording so no important conversations are lost, and Webhooks to wire your business phone system to internal applications.

Use Cases

Each comes with an expansive set of base features that make the Per Minute Plans affordable and useful for businesses that are just getting started or that experience a low call volume each month.

VirtualPBX CEO Paul Hammond spoke about this pairing of low cost and rich feature sets:

“Minute 300, 500, and 1000 give businesses an economical option for their voice service,” he said. “Now for only $9.99 a month, an entrepreneur can bootstrap their initial marketing efforts or provide a dedicated business number to their contacts. Entrepreneurs and small businesses can grow their operations and upgrade VirtualPBX service as necessary – to other Per Minute Plans or our unlimited-minutes Dash Plans.”

“Calls can be easily forwarded to personal devices. And Minute users can expect to receive the base set of powerful features we offer to all our clients.”

We’re offering these plans as a starting place for businesses that want to bootstrap their operations. We want to connect with organizations that don’t receive a lot of call volume yet still need reliable business calling features. And we’re making it possible for customers to expand their operations up Minute tiers and beyond.

Get Started With VirtualPBX Per Minute Plans

Interested businesses can speak to the VirtualPBX Sales team today. We’re happy to help you decide between minute-based and user-based plans to see what fits your business best.

There’s never any pressure to buy, and in starting a Free Demo of our Minute-Based or User-Based Plans, you can experience everything VirtualPBX offers with no expected commitment.

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