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Web Phone 2.0 is Here!

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Web Phone 2.0 is Here!

VirtualPBX Web Phone 2.0A staple of our Dash Business Phone System has received a major upgrade. Web Phone 2.0 is here and ready for use in your favorite WebRTC-capable browser. Our Dash customers can use Web Phone immediately by visiting the login page. Our vConsole customers can also upgrade their service to Dash to gain immediate access to our free, browser-based phone. The new features available in Web Phone 2.0 are discussed in more detail below.

What’s New in the Web Phone 2.0?

The entire back-end code that powers Web Phone has been rewritten. This allows the new version to operate in ways the previous version was unable to. The primary example that differentiates 2.0 from 1.0 is Voicemail Management, where users have much more control over their data. Connection to the VirtualPBX Status Site also demonstrates the phone’s reach into account data. While today’s release brings users several new features, this is not the end of the line. Web Phone will continue to receive updates previewed within the VirtualPBX Product Roadmap.

Voicemail Management

Voicemail Management is now possible from within Web Phone’s new interface. Users can manipulate messages left on their Dash accounts. They may begin by searching for voicemails by date and caller ID. Then playback, download, deletion, and click-to-call redial are within reach. It will no longer be necessary for users to log into their Dash dashboards just to retrieve contacts’ messages. VirtualPBX Web Phone Voicemail Manager

Status Indicator

VirtualPBX Web Phone Status IndicatorA new Status Indicator inside Web Phone connects directly to the VirtualPBX Status Site, revealing the state of the overall VirtualPBX platform. Users will see a green-light icon that represents VirtualPBX 99.999% uptime and shows that all systems are running as expected. Any status issues will be shown as a red-light icon.

Updated User Interface

The updated User Interface also lends a number of benefits to customers. VirtualPBX Web Phone Mobile InterfaceFirst, the UI handles limited screen space in mobile layouts much more efficiently. Users will find that use of mobile versions of Chrome and Firefox will fit Web Phone 2.0 well. A new Directory menu also makes it easier to search and click-to-call contacts. Both recent calls and permanent company directory are available at all times. Finally, the Audio Options menu holds a more prominent place in the Web Phone dashboard. Users can use this menu to adjust the microphone and speaker used with their current configuration – whether that’s a desktop or mobile device.

What’s Stayed Consistent in Web Phone 2.0?

Web Phone is an integral part of Dash. It comes included free with all versions of Dash and has propped up many businesses that desire uncomplicated access to a phone at the office and on the commute. Our browser-based phone is still easily accessible for any Dash user through its own web portal. And all browsers able to use WebRTC can use Web Phone to complete inbound and outbound calls. Web Phone acts no differently than any desk phone, conference phone, or softphone attached to the Dash system. It has access to all the features included with a VirtualPBX account. As a user’s primary or secondary device, for example, it can be used within Ring Groups and linked within Auto Attendant.

Try Web Phone 2.0 Today!

We invite all our current Dash users to Web Phone 2.0 and encourage any prospective businesses to sample our updated phone in a Free Demo, led by our experienced Sales Team.

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