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Live, Customizable Wallboards for VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports

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Live, Customizable Wallboards for VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports

VirtualPBX Live Customizable Wallboard Whitepaper CoverOne often-overlooked aspect of call reporting is the ability to use live statistics to help your business function. Statistics aren’t only something that happens after the fact; they can be examined live, which is the key target of our customizable wallboards that work with our Advanced Call Reports feature and the focus of our new Live & Customizable Wallboards Whitepaper.

When taking calls on a VirtualPBX Phone Plan, the Advanced Call Reports tool captures data related to your phone system use – including which user answered a specific call, how many calls have been answered in a period of time, and which agents are available to take calls when one arrives.

This sort of information transfers well to wallboards used in a call center setting. Live displays of call statistics can help your team be aware of their performance at the moment and the key performance indicators they are meeting that day. They help managers plan for what’s ahead by seeing information in the present.

Here’s a brief overview of how wallboards function and what you will see in our Customizable Wallboards Whitepaper.

Live Call Information On Screen

Wallboards give your team a look into the live statistics related to their calls in the moment. You can see points of information such as:

  • The longest-waiting caller that has been on hold during a shift
  • The number of calls answered in a day
  • How many calls are queued at present
  • Percentages for calls answered and calls lost

What these stats allow managers to do is make informed decisions about how calls are answered during a shift.

Say your call center wallboard shows an on-hold time of more than five minutes for the average caller. A manager can increase the number of staff members in that shift or in upcoming shifts.

Say your wallboard sees a combination of zero available agents and a number of calls queued as 10 or more during the day. It could be time to add more agents to handle the increase in call volume.

These types of statistics might be missed in between shifts when other business activities are taking place. A wallboard makes statistics easily readable and able to capture your attention. Dynamic color schemes and alerts can also be used to make it apparent when a specific KPI has reached either approving or concerning levels.

Key Features of VirtualPBX Wallboards

Our customizable wallboards whitepaper also highlights the key features available with its use.

VirtualPBX Live Customizable Wallboard Whitepaper - Color Feature GraphicAs mentioned earlier, wallboards can be customized by setting limits for types of data. When a statistic passes a pre-set threshold, the color of the wallboard square can change to alert readers to successes or concerns related to a team’s performance.

Live data can also be paired with visual information in the form of graphics and videos. Any of the sections of a wallboard can be filled with a company logo to make it look more professional. Sections can also run video clips that extend useful information to teams, such as procedures for completing a specific type of call during a new campaign.

VirtualPBX Live Customizable Wallboard Whitepaper - Manual Data Feature GraphicManually-entered information can also be presented alongside live data. Managers can add any kind of text they want to the screen, including celebrations of team effort like the number of new accounts created within the last month by the existing shift. You can use spots on the wallboard to encourage your team and show stats and messages that work to improve morale.

Use Your Amazon FireTV

VirtualPBX Live Customizable Wallboard Whitepaper - Amazon FireTV GraphicYou can use a wallboard by connecting a computer’s output to an office television. That type of setup is available to all VirtualPBX users.

For Amazon FireTV owners, they can simplify the process of using wallboards even further. The Real-Time Wallboard app for FireTV can connect to your company data in the same way a laptop is able. You can customize your boards from within the app and leave your computer available for other tasks.

Read Our Customizable Wallboard Whitepaper

Check out our Live & Customizable Wallboard Whitepaper today to get a deeper look at everything available to your team with this Advanced Call Reports feature.

Whether you’re an existing customer of ours or want to try out a Free Demo, wallboards can give you greater insight about your daily activities and help you meet your KPIs.

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