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Our 1st Classic Transportation Video Has Arrived

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Our 1st Classic Transportation Video Has Arrived

This week we want to thank our customer, 1st Classic Transportation, for participating in our new case study video that shows how successful the company has been in using its phone system to power through the economic slowdown caused by COVID-19.

We had previously written about 1st Classic Transportation in our case study about their business relationship with us. Now we have the chance to share the kind words of the transportation company’s owner, Chris Fagbolu, and provide a visual glimpse into the activities that take place at their headquarters in San Francisco.

“I Always Keep Going Back to Their Texting”

Although VirtualPBX provides a range of communications services to 1st Classic Transportation, it seems the most exciting feature for Fagbolu and his staff is our Business SMS feature.

“The most important reason why we chose VirtualPBX,” Fagbolu said in his interview for our video, “I always keep going back to their texting.”

He noted how SMS messages are customer friendly and can make communication between 1st Classic Transportation drivers and their immediate contacts simple for everyone involved.

“Customers that arrive at the airport can text us immediately,” Fagbolu said. This makes it easy for drivers to know when individuals have arrived at their locations for pickup. Sending a text message, for customers, is a task they’re familiar with, and 1st Classic Transportation staff can isolate their business communications to their VirtualPBX Mobile Softphone so their personal and work texts are clearly distinguished from one another.

1st Classic Transportation Website Screenshot

“The Pandemic Has Hit Us Really Hard”

1st Classic Transportation started using VirtualPBX services in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fagbolu said in a previous interview with us that his company has used three other phone service providers across a period of 15 years, and it was looking for something more flexible and which could lower its costs.

“Being in the transportation industry, the pandemic has hit us really hard,” Fagbolu commented when asked about the overall effect of the economic downturn on his business. “With VirtualPBX, it enables us, when you stay at home, to answer calls. And it has cut down our expenses.”

The transition from 1st Classic Transportation’s previous communications provider to VirtualPBX has also allowed its employees to work from any location. Since COVID-19-related restrictions have forced many businesses to have their employees work from home, it has become essential for Fagbolu and his staff to use our phone system from a combination of homes and offices.

This flexibility, however, will remain with 1st Classic Transportation’s staff when society has returned to normal.

“What we’re doing with the lockdown in place – we realize we can do that when we come back after COVID,” Fagbolu said about staying with VirtualPBX for the long term.

We’re happy to provide them with a phone system that can work well no matter what economic challenges they face.

1st Classic Transportation Website Screenshot

“Their 24-Hour Service Has Helped Us a Lot”

Part of sticking with 1st Classic Transportation for years – and with all our customers – is providing them with excellent customer service. We offer 24-hour customer support through a variety of channels, including phone, email, and live web chat.

We know issues arise that companies need help fixing. Our 24-hour dedication to customer assistance is what sets us apart from many other phone service providers, as Fagbolu said at the close of our case study video:

“They are always there to answer us. [It’s a service] which other phone company providers do not have.”

Of course, we are proud to offer this level of service and stand out from our competitors. We differentiate ourselves by providing excellent customer support and by pairing that with a range of features that suit businesses small and large.

You can arrange a Free Demo with one of our sales reps today to see everything we offer in a personalized tour. We hope to speak with you soon.

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