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Read Our New Call Reporting Whitepaper

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Read Our New Call Reporting Whitepaper

Call Reporting Whitepaper - Using the VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports FeatureAs part of the release of our Advanced Call Reports feature, we have created our new Advanced Call Reports Whitepaper that displays its capabilities in a helpful portable format you can easily share with members of your team.

Advanced Call Reports lets our users reach beyond basic call logs by creating detailed reports that can be delivered automatically to their email inboxes on a repeating schedule. These reports are a convenient way of keeping informed about your phone system activity so you can best serve your customers.

Check out our whitepaper today by visiting the link above. You will see a high-quality preview of the reporting interface and learn about all the types of reports available to your business. Here’s a sample of what you will find in its pages.

Key Features of Advanced Call Reports

In our Call Reporting Whitepaper, we highlight the key features you will find in our feature’s dashboard.

VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports Feature - ACD StatisticsOur customers who use ACD Queues Pro have commented to us that they appreciate our inclusion of ACD and availability statistics in Advanced Call Reports. We even use it daily as part of our own customer service efforts. The status of each agent can be displayed, revealing their overall performance in a shift or over the course of months.

VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports Feature - FilteringAdvanced filtering also plays a strong role in how Advanced Call Reports works. You can filter all information captured by this tool – for instance, time spent on a call – by segments of your business, including sorting such information by users or by phone number. Using filters lets you create reports that are fine-grained and easy to understand so you can act on that data.

VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports Feature - Phone Line UsageAnalysis of phone line usage is also available. Advanced Call Reports lets you see how much traffic is being used each day, week, month, and year on any phone number you specify. Do you have the capacity on each phone line to address your customers needs, or do you need to add additional lines to reduce on-hold times for customer support calls? These types of reports will give you insight about that essential question.

These features are highlighted among several others as an introduction to Advanced Call Reports. You can always schedule a Free Demo with us to see this tool used live in a more detailed way.

Report Types

The types of reports you can create in Advanced Call Reports is legion. You can customize each report with filters as they suit your business.

That said, although it would be a long, long list to present here with all the available reporting + filtering connections, the base report types are more manageable. We’ve collected them in our new Call Reporting Whitepaper.

Call List

One type of report that will be useful to many businesses is the Call List. This shows the list of calls that have been sent and received on your phone plan. It lists the users involved in each call so you can see how a call began (such as inbound from a customer), where it moved to (from one user to second or third), and with which user the call ended. This makes it easy to trace any call’s path that you need to know about.

VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports Feature - Call List Report Summary

Calls by Phone Number

Calls by Phone Number gives you a more specific view into your phone system activity. It lists only the calls associated with a particular phone number – either an inbound customer number or an outbound number your team would have dialed.

VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports Feature - Calls By Phone Number Report Summary

Calls by Time

You can also narrow your analysis by looking at the Calls by Time report, which lets you select the period of time in which calls were handled on your phone plan. Beginning with a period as few as 30 minutes, you can view details of calls that occurred at specific parts of your workday. This report type could be helpful for seeing how a campaign was active during peak hours vs. other times of day.

VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports Feature - Calls By Time Report Summary

The above listing of reports are among the other Call List, Number-Based, and Time-Based reports available for use. You will also have access to User and Device, Queue, Performance, and Agent reports that address other types of use of your phone system.

See Our Call Reporting Whitepaper

This blog is already long enough but has only scratched the surface of what’s possible in our Advanced Call Reports feature.

Take a few minutes today to read our new Call Reporting Whitepaper, and then schedule a Free Demo with our sales team to get a personalized look at how our phone system can best serve your business. Your demo will be tailored to meet your unique situation as a business, covering the important parts of Advanced Call Reports that will help you the most.

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