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Custom VoIP Plans Form Fit Your Business

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Custom VoIP Plans Form Fit Your Business

Intertwined mechanical gears - Build custom VoIP plans with VirtualPBXOur new Business Phone Plans meet the needs of 99% of our customers by pairing sets of powerful features with industry-leading prices. For the 1% that need something more, we reserve custom VoIP plans.

What you get with Custom Voice Solutions from VirtualPBX is a phone system built to your exact specifications. The professionals who build our standard plans work directly with your team to design a calling interface that fits you exactly.

Let’s take a look at two distinct examples that call routing could be useful in addressing: 1. Multiple user languages and 2. Pop-up campaigns.

Multiple Customer/Client Languages

The languages your customers speak should not create a barrier between them and your phone service.

You want to make it easy for customers to reach both English- and Spanish-speaking representatives from your organization. Or, for that matter, any language you specify.

We can make that possible by setting up two or more Automated Attendants at the base of your phone system.

How it Works

Custom phone system diagramWhile a stock VirtualPBX system uses only one Automated Attendant menu to guide callers, a custom VoIP plan can split an initial greeting to many sub-menus.

Initial entry to the Automated Attendant will necessarily include a message to callers asking them to choose a language. This could be similar to the “For English, press 1; Para español, oprima dos” message you’ve probably heard when using other companies’ phone trees.

Our professionals take that choice – 1 for English, 2 for Spanish – and branch to a major column of choices that correspond to the chosen language. Like you can see in the diagram here, your entire organization’s departmental structure can be represented fully in either column.

Each Attendant can be tuned to reach individuals (or departments, using Ring Groups) that are manned by people who speak the language of the caller.

Benefits of This Custom Arrangement

The primary benefits of our bespoke Automated Attendant are oft-mentioned throughout this site. In short, it allows your company to organize itself inside a menu that guides callers to the appropriate person(s) who can help them.

A custom VoIP plan that splits the Attendant into multiple languages doubles down (or maybe triples, quadruples…) on the convenience it offers you and your customers.

While you make sure your staff can create sales and troubleshoot issues in multiple languages, we make sure callers can effectively navigate your company framework. We may even work with partners such as Snap Recordings to create greetings that are fluent and crystal clear. Callers won’t have to struggle through your phone tree because their first language isn’t English.

Furthermore, your customers should then ultimately have a better experience when purchasing your product or troubleshooting a problem because they’ll be matched with someone who shares their native tongue.

Pop-Up, Short-Term Campaigns

A second issue a custom VoIP plan might address is the need for a temporary phone system.

Your need for a political campaign headquarters might last a year and a half. Your trade show could require voice services for six weeks leading up to an event, and then a weekend of intensive call handling before being dismantled until next year.

How It Works

I Voted stickerThe standard ways to order a VirtualPBX Business Phone System are monthly and yearly. Ordering yearly saves you money because of your commitment to the service, and ordering monthly gives you flexibility in sticking with VirtualPBX through the short or long-term.

Pop-up campaigns, however, don’t exactly fit the mold of a monthly or yearly schedule. These campaigns will last long enough to express commitment to the service, but not so long that yearly plans outpace the campaign’s intention.

You can work with our Sales team to create a custom arrangement that’s right for you. For example, it should be possible to create a phone service for a political campaign that will last five months but could last 20 – depending on its success. And we can create a service specifically for a trade show that will recur yearly, and uses the same phone number and extensions from year to year, but is “paused” or redirected to a simple answering service for when tickets aren’t being taken and shows aren’t in session.

Benefits of This Arrangement

In these cases, our manipulation of time scales lets you focus on your campaign.

You can, of course, add custom features to your system, like advanced transferring of calls based on caller location or time spent on hold, moving calls to Ring Groups based on those possibilities. But in the meantime, we can adjust the duration and state of your phone system based exactly on your needs as a group.

You don’t need to worry about paying for service for months when you won’t use it. You can take heart that your phone numbers will be preserved from year to year.

Make Your Own Custom VoIP Plans

There are too many situations to cover here that custom VoIP plans might address.

If you’re in the situation where you’re comparing our Plans and thinking, “This doesn’t quite fit what I need,” it’s time to talk to us about a custom arrangement. A quick discussion with our Sales department can match your needs with our capabilities.

Give us a call, email, or web chat to get the discussion started.

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