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Custom Voice Solutions

Let Us Cater To Your Business Needs​

Do you need to organize call trees for teams operating around the clock through the same number your 9-5 crowd uses? How about if you need to transfer inbound calls to employees who regularly transition in and out of the field?

And let’s say the whole thing needs to be able to grow, change, and move with you at a moment’s notice? Maybe you even need to white-label your phone system’s dashboard or ancillary tools. We’ve got you covered!

VirtualPBX Custom Voice Solutions work just right for your business because they’re made for only your business and managed professionally to suit your custom needs.

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From small businesses to government organizations, our product specialists can work with you to deliver precisely what you need to meet your goals. No matter your business’s dimensions, we can tailor you the perfect fit for your business telephone systems needs.

Take Advantage of Customizable Features

VirtualPBX engineers strike a balance of asking straightforward, pointed questions about your business needs and calling on their experience to fill in the gaps. By designing the ideal telecommunications system for your business with a dedicated custom voice solutions expert, you will be confident that you have the right telecom features. However, it does not end there. Our team is on hand to manage your system and provide updates as needed.

Advanced Call Flows

Building out your customers’ call experience is easy with a fully customizable Auto Attendant who never needs a coffee break.

Call Center in a Box

Thanks to Campaign Headquarters mobile call center, product launches, PR events, and tradeshows can be handled with a flip of a switch.

Sleek, Professional Menus

Getting callers to the correct department for their various needs using ACD Queues is simple for companies from 1 to 1,000 in size.

Custom SMS Workflows

Integrate your tools and workflows to send delivery notifications, curbside pick-up alerts, and scheduled appointment reminders.

Industries We Serve

There’s no wrong time to introduce your business to a hosted telephony solution, but some industries are making the switch faster than others. Certain types of businesses rely more on their phone system than others – especially those who want to offer custom experiences to their customers, clients, or partners. Additionally, other fields of work find the benefits of VoIP to be more than just boosts in flexibility and cost-savings, but to be totally revolutionary to how they operate in their particular space as well. Your business could be one of them, so don’t wait any longer to find out!

Let Us Help You Build A Custom Integration

Many of the business services you use are online. You collaborate through video streaming; share multi-user, online documents like spreadsheets; and store files in cloud servers. Data integration tools make it possible to connect the information that’s stored in, and travels through, these mediums.

VirtualPBX phone plans also work as an online service. The underlying platform that runs our Business Phone Plans, called Dash, includes an API that we use internally to pass information from one part of the system to another – such as when you transfer a call. The API makes our system flexible, and it helps us integrate with other data integration tools to make your phone plans work well for your business.

Insomnia Cookies: Turnkey Solution for Franchise with multiple locations

Insomnia Cookies, a well-known chain of late-night bakeries, has rapidly expanded across the U.S. in recent years.

Founded in a University of Pennsylvania dorm room in 2003, Insomnia Cookies now has 156 stores, and counting, operating across the U.S.

On average, Insomnia locations receive a volume of 350 calls per month. Therefore the phone system must be robust and the phones durable.

VirtualPBX fulfills this demand by connecting every existing bakery and office through a single phone network. A store in Minnesota can reach a separate branch as easily as it can reach a regional office.

For VirtualPBX, setting up a static phone network is nothing new. The ongoing challenge with Insomnia is in helping the company open new retail locations with a simple method of phone deployment.

Insomnia Cookies Logo: Franchise Phone System Customer

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