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Direct Calls To The Right People – Advanced Transfers

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Direct Calls To The Right People – Advanced Transfers

Advanced Transfers From VirtualPBXIt’s a jungle out there sometimes, especially where cyber security is concerned. In fact, in spite of hosted telecom’s reliability and security, there used to be such a thriving community of hackers dedicated to unscrupulously running up telephone charges that some of the functionality of traditional phones was lost in the interest of protection. Fortunately, as hard as they were working to dive into your pockets, we’ve been working harder to keep them out, and now both simple and advanced transfers are available on VirtualPBX Dash plans.

Phone Phreaking

In our earlier posts about phone fraud and VoIP, we mentioned the practice of some criminals trying to trick phone systems into constantly looping around call transfers to rack up minutes. It was commonplace for companies to respond to this threat by simply disabling the transfer buttons on VoIP telephones and to rely on keypad inputs to transfer calls, but even this had its limitations. To completely protect earlier hosted systems from fraud, there were even restrictions placed on the ability to transfer inbound versus outbound calls. While all of these precautions were taken in the name of security, and most welcomed by those who were protected by them, it’s not a stretch to say that the overall ease of use was a casualty of the measures.

Advanced Transfers

From now on, thanks to the tireless efforts of the engineering team at VirtualPBX, transferring calls is as easy as pressing a button. With advanced transfers already included on every Dash account, VoIP phone users can choose to use the hardwired transfer options on their desktop VoIP Phones or they can opt for the keypad option found in the Dash Feature Codes. The simplicity and flexibility that users have with transferring calls is incredible, but the truly amazing thing is how they can now do it with the comfort of knowing their system is safe from fraudsters.

We’re constantly improving the already robust feature set of Dash and making new additions regularly. To see what the difference is between your system and the all-new Dash options, compare plans now. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter to get our great insight on happenings in the telecom and IT security spaces.

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