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Dash For Business Communications Success

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Dash For Business Communications Success

Dash For Business Communications SuccessWhat does it take to run a business? There used to be quite a laundry list of physical items for this, but the modern business can run on substantially less than ever before. Gone now are the days when a physical office is required and with it also have gone a number of other costly hurdles to operating a new business. Actually, in this environment, the less that it takes to get the job done, seemingly the more likely a young company is to have success. By reducing costs on the trappings of a traditional office entrepreneurs are saving money for R&D or marketing at the same time as they are limiting exposure by reducing overhead. Taking this same streamlined approach to business tools from the physical office and into the utilities a company relies on is the next logical step to setting the stage for successful, healthy, and sustainable growth.

Dash is the New Laptop

Okay maybe that’s a bit ambitious, but the reality is that hosted communications are irreplaceable in business, and Dash is the essential unified communications platform. Not convinced that business doesn’t rely that much on purely hosted communications? Consider going the next week, or day even, without access to your email. Once your panic attack dies down, your reliance on the cloud should probably be pretty clear. The value in Dash is just as high and, even better, Dash’s growing platform of features is all you really need to stay on top of business no matter where you are in the world. So while Dash doesn’t exactly replace your laptop, when your computer is boosted with Dash, it becomes literally all you need to take work with you.

Features On Features

Delivering your company’s communication needs with Dash comes with a variety of custom conveniences built just for you.

  • Follow Me Calling – This allows you to automate your incoming calls to go through a sequence of devices from your desk to your mobile and beyond. So technically, Dash doesn’t even need you to have a laptop with you.
  • Auto Attendant – Boost your image and professionalism while keeping your hands free and mind unoccupied at the same time with the polish and assistance of an automated reception and direction of all your incoming calls.
  • Ring Groups – Small teams with overlapping institutional knowledge need to help out wherever the need is. Using Ring Groups allows everyone who can speak to a particular topic to be available to do that when the time arises.
  • Concierge Service – It’s not uncommon for smaller teams to outsource a variety of services and Dash understands that. For teams with unique challenges or in periods of extreme growth, sometimes an expert is needed. Concierge Service for Dash is available for any analysis, optimization, management, and implementation needs that your company has.

So Much More

We could go on about the features that Dash has that are unique to the VirtualPBX suite of products until we’re blue in the face. Before we run out of breath, however, one thing that needs to be mentioned is the award-winning Customer Support Team behind each Dash account. We’ve bucked the trend this year by building enterprise-grade features into the streamlined Dash platform but we’ve been bucking the trend with service for years. Our Support Team is located right here in Silicon Valley and are always available to chat online for no extra charge as a part of each of our VoIP plans.

So take a tour with VirtualPBX with your free VoIP demo, compare VoIP plans, and see how our customers rate us against the competition. We’re always standing by to help you pare down your overhead and free-up capital to launch your business into the next stage of development.

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