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VoIP Can Give Your Business the Best Automated Phone Tree

automated phone treeAn automated phone tree is a menu-based telephone system that routes callers to individuals, departments, or even to recorded messages or additional menus. This inbound call direction tool is essential for businesses with high call traffic or large departmental organization. The phone tree got its name in part because there is a multitude of options for a caller to be directed towards even though they all come in from the same telephone number. This “many from one” design resemble the branches of a tree and the trunk is the single pathway that all inbound call traffic originates from. Traditionally, the phone tree was something that didn’t exist as an automated system at all. Live receptionists had to be staffed by the dozen to accommodate the complex call routing needs of some organizations and that persisted well into the late 20th century until the advent of new, digital telephone technology like an Auto Attendant.

Putting the Auto into Automated Phone Tree

An Auto Attendant is a popular feature on some feature-rich hosted VoIP plans that has taken most of the point-of-contact requirements out of the hands of humans. However, more than just fielding calls, an automated phone tree’s core function is to direct them to the appropriate party or parties, as well. This is accomplished by combining the infinitely scalable capacity thresholds of an Auto Attendant with a few advanced telephony tools, as well. Specifically, these tools are designed to handle the complex routing requirements of modern organizations without the costs associated with older, traditional phone systems.

  • ACD Queues ACD (Automatic Call Distribution Cues) are highly customizable call routing systems that can designate more than just the group or party an inbound call should be directed to. Additionally, ACD Queues can also throttle the pace of distribution, designate the sequence of agents who will answer calls, plus any one of several skills-based and overflow oriented call routing logics.
  • Hunt Groups Hunt Groups are similar in function to ACD Queues and also help to complement the function of an automated phone tree, but are less sophisticated in their adjustability. Also, whereas an ACD Queues can be added to a Dash Business VoIP Plan for a fee, Hunt Groups are included with every available Dash Plan, including basic.

Getting Started With an Automated Phone Tree

Even though the combination of an Auto Attendant and either ACD Queues or Hunt Groups make for a formidable inbound call strategy, using them does not preclude an organization from having a live receptionist. In fact, the opportunities to use these technologies to enhance and improve the impact that having a live receptionist has on an organization are greater than the using them on their own. Plus, getting started is easy considering that all VirtualPBX VoIP Plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Get automated phone trees for your office and see how they can help your business, today!