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Welcome to the All-New ACD Queues On Dash!

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Welcome to the All-New ACD Queues On Dash!

Just when you thought we couldn’t pack any more functionality into the award-winning Dash Business Phone System, we’ve got another big piece of news to share. For years, we’ve been providing the most robust and capable enterprise-grade business telephone features for businesses of all sizes and on all budgets. We’ve done that by offering a variety of plans and core technologies that power them, but recently we’ve been able to begin solving a greater number of businesses needs with a single platform- Dash. Now that Dash is established as more than just a pretty face thanks to its massive library of core functionality and new features like Salesforce CRM and Webhooks Integrations, Dash has become a legitimate telephone service solution for even the largest of organizations. Now, with the introduction of the all new ACD Queues on Dash, there is a Dash Plan for every company.

VirtualPBX Announces New Call Queues for Dash Business VoIP

What’s New in the All-New ACD Queues On Dash?

Many of our longtime customers remember our TrueACD Queues for some of our legacy plans. These were industry-leading technologies that gave companies an previously unseen level of control and visibility into their call queues at a fraction of the cost than traditional phone service providers were charging. We’ve used those years of experience and feedback from our users and have learned invaluable lessons which we poured into the all-new Call Queues for Dash. All of this means we can offer the most reliable ACD queues in the business with several key improvements, too. First of all, the entire interface has been rethought to fit into the sleek and intuitive design of Dash that has become so popular. This makes navigating and managing all of an entire company’s worth of call queues simple and effective from the palm of your hand, anywhere you happen to have an internet or data connection. Second, is the revolutionarily simple call monitoring interface. With a simple and elegant tile interface, the admins instantly have clear and actionable information in real time on how their queues are performing and what types of call loads are being handled. At a glance of the monitoring view, an admin can immediately see call traffic at the queue or individual agent levels and manage call routing based on a variety of intelligent methods, plus, agents themselves can have the same remote flexibility, too. Agents manage their status by simply toggling their options through the same Dash portal or using shortcut keys on their VoIP device. Any single one of these innovations would be enough to get many queue users to jump for joy and they’re all included in the all-new Call Queues for Dash.

Get Started With the All-New ACD Queues On Dash Today

Like all of our new features from our VirtualPBX Product Roadmap, there are beta periods and soft launches to allow for some of our customers to experience the new functions first hand and provide feedback. This communication loop is essential to the overall success of our newest features and allows for us to test them in real-world conditions before announcing them. Because the all-new ACD Queues on Dash are no exception to this rule, they have been out in the field for some time and many of our Office Plan users are migrating to them right now. To make that transition yourself or to inquire how to include call queues in your current Dash business phone service, contact any one of our Sales or Support representatives. Also, if you’re already using the new departmental queues on Dash and have any questions, we are always available 24/7 for your needs. No matter how you manage them, though, we hope you love the all-new ACD Queues on Dash and are looking forward to introducing you to the next great release before too long, too!

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