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RadioShack- Building a Powerful Franchise One Transistor At a Time

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RadioShack- Building a Powerful Franchise One Transistor At a Time

Behind the Radio: RadioShack FranchiseSome of us will remember buying components to build a transistor radio or basic computers at the local RadioShack Franchise. Heck, even the first wearable technology, Lizzy, was constructed with a few odds and ends that came from the nationwide hardware retailer. Though things have not been so rosy lately for the ‘Shack. The advent of online retail and big box stores decimating their market share over the last 15 years. So the venerable retailer has had to make some big changes to stay afloat.

A History of Communications

Founded in 1921 by a pair of ham radio enthusiast brothers, RadioShack has been a model of American franchise business. Even in spite of deciding to close nearly 20% of their locations in 2014, RadioShack persists to be a desirable franchise business opportunity. They still cracked into the top 150 companies in Entrepreneur’s 2015 Franchise 500 list of best franchise investments. There are many financial reasons that contributed to this favorable listing. But one of the most valuable propositions of owning a RadioShack franchise has been far less tangible.

Brand Stability Equals Profitability

Even in the current state of affairs where RadioShack has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, a very profitable endeavor to acquire the majority of their locations persists. If the company is in decline, sells dated technology, and is contracting, why is there a bidding war for storefronts? The same things that investors want from them now is what entrepreneurs and IT professionals have known they would be able to get from them for almost a century. That is, a consistent, authentic, enthusiast’s experience for communications technology. Creating a solid brand experience is one thing. Curating and preserving it through global expansion how RadioShack has done for decades is entirely another. Maintaining that purity of a brand as it is entrusted to a multitude of franchisees is something that throttles many business owners as they look to expand their own companies. It doesn’t have to be that scary.

Keep Your Business Yours, Even When It’s Someone Else’s

No, that’s not a riddle or Zen kōan, it’s how business owners maintain consistent brand standards with their franchise partners everyday with VirtualPBX Franchise Phone Systems. With locations growing and cropping up across the country, two key challenges to keeping a brand’s core experience intact exist. These are Customer Connection and Brand Cohesion.

You’ve built a successful regional or national brand. How do you continue to connect customers over an increasingly large area with the right locations during rapid expansion? The best way is with singular, corporate contact points with your website and a national toll-free number. Just having a toll-free number can be a drain on staffing if it requires a call-center and operator functions, though. VirtualPBX toll-free numbers are programmable to automatically direct your callers to the most appropriately location. This is done by identifying the caller’s area code and routing it to the nearest franchisee.

Employing a national toll-free number is also the best way to maintain control over an important aspect of franchises: consistency. Just like how generations of tinkerers have known that no matter where in the world they were, RadioShack would be able to provide the same valuable insight into their communications needs, your customers expect to see your brand’s high standards maintained through your franchise network, too. With a toll-free number, you get to control the message and all-too-valuable first impressions of your customers every time. Even if you yourself will never have the pleasure of meeting them. Plus, because VirtualPBX toll-free numbers are all cloud-based, you can manage, change, edit, and monitor the content and function of the toll-free number from anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection.

The Unfair Advantage

RadioShack didn’t have access to these types of unified communications at founding. They, like you, have relied on the age-old method of identifying a need and providing a reliable and valuable solution. Today, you can utilize the latest iterations of technologies designed with RadioShack components to ensure that your brand’s growth can be at least as potent, consistent, and effective as even the largest franchises in the world.

To learn more about how VitualPBX’s unified communications strategies can best be employed for your business, you can read more about it on our blog or get in touch with one of the VirtualPBX Franchise Experts today.

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