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Success is a Fresh Roll – Franchise Phone Systems

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Success is a Fresh Roll – Franchise Phone Systems

Submarine SandwichThere’s turmoil at the top of the McDonald’s flow chart and the world’s largest restaurant chain’s stock is reeling. Not all of the global fast food company’s heartache can be attributed to executive leadership, though, so it provides an opportunity to compare it to another fast food giant.

The Eat Fresh Franchise

Having just opened up its 30,000th location, Subway Restaurants is the largest collection of franchise business owners in the world. While the franchise model is in no way solely attributable to the relative health of the company compared to their Golden Arches rival, examining what makes a successful franchise is worthwhile nonetheless.

Granted that there are definitely franchisees who own more than one location, but having 30,000 separate entrepreneurs and all of their thousands more employees is an enormous impact on the economy. That many jobs means that maintaining a strong, viable brand is crucial for the success of the restaurant chain. For many franchises smaller than the multi-billion dollar hoagie colossus, there are certain tools that can be employed to help accomplish just that.

Business Standards Are Brand Standards

Just as every strong brand has guidelines to represent itself and its likeness in a particular, effective way, there are operational guides that should be established as well. This is no more important for any organization as it is for a franchise network.

Franchisers rely on a wide variety of partners who are afforded the opportunity to represent the brand, but are also charged with upholding its integrity. When you can’t expect to manage your team in a traditional, non-dispersed fashion, you have to ensure as much uniformity is integrated into the franchisee’s business model as possible. A great deal of that begins where most business does, on the phone.

Franchise Phone Systems

Franchise Phone Systems from VirtualPBX are the effective way to keep the public access of your franchise partners in tight, locked step. By initiating a Franchise Phone System you can execute a variety of functions that would otherwise be expensive, or require additional staff to accomplish.

  • Reduce cost with consolidated phone expenses and unlimited lines
  • Present one, toll-free national number for all of your franchise locations
  • GeoRoute all incoming calls to the most appropriate local or regional office
  • Create uniform and custom greetings and recordings for all of your locations
  • Grow and expand your network of locations without any additional tech staff
  • Plus manage this and much more all from anywhere you have an internet connection

For details on how to benefit your franchise from the use of a Franchise Phone System, contact one of our franchise experts today. They will be able to help you launch a total redesign of your regional or national franchise, but they won’t be able to help you make a Monster Mac. Enjoy.

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