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Find the perfect Toll-Free Phone Number For Your Business

Having nationwide, toll-free numbers for your company conveys a sense of size and importance. A virtual toll-free number for business helps give that extra boost of branding to attract customers and for just $4.99/mo each!

For some callers, it will mean your company has “arrived.” In fact, 99% of big business have them

Often, it also means more incoming calls and more business for your firm.

Toll Free Phone Numbers on Business Phone Plans

back your business with powerful Phone service and Enterprise-level features

A virtual toll-free number is just the beginning – and they’re available on all of our plans. Business phone plans from VirtualPBX offer advanced call routing features on every plan. Plus an easy to use dashboard lets you make updates to your phone system yourself with just a few clicks.

Let us show you the transformative impact VirtualPBX can have on your contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction with a free demo! We’ll cover Live Dashboards, custom queue options, Call Tagging, and more, followed by a quote for your business.

The Low-Cost, Full-Featured Toll-Free Number Service for Businesses

Business choose VirtualPBX for the best customer service, flexible routing options, and plans that fit their needs. Best of all, there is no hardware to set up or maintain! All routing hardware is handled by VirtualPBX leaving you with only the effects of a great PBX. Get the 800 number you want for your business and none of the cost or the hassle of hardware.

Route Toll-Free Calls to Anyone, Anywhere

Most service providers route your call to a single phone. But with VirtualPBX, when your customer calls in, the VirtualPBX Automated Attendant answers and allows the caller to be routed to any employees at any other numbers you wish. Connect employees in a traditional or virtual office with desk phones or let them make calls from a cell phone or computer. In addition, using ACD Queues Pro, calls can be routed quickly to whoever is available in a department, instead of just a single individual.

Looking for Vanity Phone Numbers?

Want your main number to be easy to remember or spell something, like the company name in a vanity number? Our team can help you find and provide pricing for vanity numbers and 800 numbers! 

Porting Your Toll-Free Numbers

Already have one or more toll-free phone numbers for your business? We can help you transition by porting your number so it rings directly into our service instead. Once a number ports, it won’t be just a plain vanilla 800 number. Rather it will be a full-featured VirtualPBX vanity number with all the advantages of our system. And you won’t have to pay twice, as the bills from your existing carrier will disappear. While we’re waiting for your toll-free numbers to port, we’ll issue you a temporary number so you can configure and test your new VirtualPBX service. In addition, you can usually forward your existing toll-free numbers to the temporary number we set up for you and be up and running instantly.