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More Bandwidth, More Power

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More Bandwidth, More Power

More Bandwidth, More Power“I need more power, Scotty!”

Any good science fiction fan (or really anyone who was born before 1980, for that matter) will probably recognize this as the iconic pleading of Star Trek’s Captain Kirk to his Scottish comrade down in the engine room of Starship Enterprise. Unfortunately, Scotty was all too often the bearer of bad news when his callback was in his Scottish brogue that he just, “Cannaugh do it.” The cool irony about this is that you, unlike the futuristic crew of the Enterprise, when you ask for more power in the here and now, you can always have it. Assuming you ask the right people, of course.

Invisible Gold

Plenty of today’s business still runs on the Black Gold of oil, but increasingly the most critical resource for a modern operation is internet access. Access to web-based apps, email, and cloud-supported data storage are critical to preforming in today’s marketplace and yet these tasks represent just a drop in the bucket of essential functions delivered by a business’ network in the course of a day. The only threat to a day’s productivity greater than not having access to the internet is not having access that is powerful enough to actually execute on all that needs to be done.

The Ultimate Attribution Error

This concept states that if one individual expresses a certain behavior than all members of their particular demographic will behave similarly. Obviously that is a completely ineffective way to deal with people, so applying the same faulty logic to businesses is just as problematic.

Many organizations will get an ISP to provide them with the access they think will work best for their business without giving any consideration to how they will optimize that access to their unique needs. Assuming each company uses the web the same way is the same as assuming every investor should have the same retirement account. We all have different goals, needs, and tolerances for risk or failure and, as such, need to make sure our utilities reflect those nuances. Only by examining a longitudinal, detailed account of a company’s web use can a bandwidth expert tell how they should proceed to optimize that performance. Fortunately, there are hands-off services like the VirtualPBX Network Health Check that will both conduct a week-long, around the clock analysis of a company’s network and also couple it with optimization strategies to boost performance. Also, by enabling QoS, certain functions can be prioritized so that, should an employee be enjoying some streaming content over their lunch break, that will never interfere with the crucial sale you are closing on a VoIP conference call in the other room.

Shopping is a Hassle

Comparing all network options delivered by ISPs in your area can be a full time job especially when you pair that with the challenge of finding the best solution for your business’ unique usage profile. The bandwidth experts at VirtualPBX live for this stuff and can be dispatched to find the best prices on additional bandwidth in your area that are guaranteed to fit your needs. By weighing your company’s needs against all available options, they will apply the operational experience that comes from optimizing the VirtualPBX network for thousands of calls every second to ensure you are presented with the absolute best option for you company.

Not ready to broker with dozens of ISPs or go back to school to become a telecommunications engineer just yet? No problem. Get in touch with the telephony experts at VirtualPBX who are standing by in sunny San Jose, California right now to make sure you always have enough power to launch your, ahem, Enterprise.

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