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Tips For Working Remotely: Use Services That Support You

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Tips For Working Remotely: Use Services That Support You

Tips for working remotely - PBX Parachute Logo Of all the tips for working remotely we can offer, perhaps the most important is this: Use tools and services that provide your business with solid footing.

VirtualPBX has been a remote-first company for more than a decade. Our team has worked from all corners of the U.S., and continues to thrive in that distributed environment, even under the strain of the coronavirus outbreak that has upended all aspects of life.

We have been able to maintain consistent operation throughout this new year, despite its challenges, in part because of our reliance on our own tools and services. We’d like to share some further information today about the VirtualPBX Softphone and our PBX Parachute service and can help your business stay grounded when working remotely. But first, we want to share a message from one of our company leaders.

We’re Here to Help

Our COO, Lon Baker, recently offered these words to our staff: “We are operating normally and want to lead by example. We must be here for businesses of all sizes to adapt to the new environment in which they’re now working.”

In this statement, he reassured our team that we’re doing OK and that, because of our experience, we need to be more than a developer of communications products. We must be a company that can help any business adjust to its new situation.

This was a message sent in our private Slack chat seen only initially by our staff members. Yet it reaches outside that boundary with its reflection on working life.

We are here for you. Outside our product and services, know that we have decades of remote work experience you can draw on. Start a chat to ask about how we can help.

VirtualPBX Softphone

VirtualPBX SoftphoneMoving along, we’d like to highlight the VirtualPBX Softphone as an important tool in your remote communications belt.

The tip for working remotely mentioned at the start of this piece is that you should use tools that provide you with solid footing. The Softphone lets your remote workers prop up their own connection to your office and your customers by turning any smartphone into a full-featured VoIP phone.

The VirtualPBX Softphone works with our Business Phone Plans like any desk phone would. It has access all user Features like Voicemail and Conferencing and may be included in ACD Queues for advanced call routing.

What this means for your remote business is that anyone with an Android or iOS smartphone or a Windows or Mac computer can begin working from home immediately. Your customer support agents can receive calls distributed through ACD Queues and your sales team can participate in Audio Conferences like they would have in normal in-person meetings throughout the week.

To better support your business, we’re happy to now offer all new and existing customers an easier path to using our Softphone.

While the hardship of the coronavirus outbreak continues, customers with hardware phones can request matching Softphones and have the device fee waived for those added virtual devices.

PBX Parachute

As a developer of VoIP Phone Plans, our offering of a failover protection service often flies under the radar. Our PBX Parachute service – which provids an immediate connection to a backup phone service when primary phone service goes offline – has nevertheless offered our customers the benefit of instant emergency protection for many years.

A majority of our PBX Parachute customers are businesses that use an on-site PBX for their phone system. Those systems can be vulnerable to power outages, so our emergency failover keeps their operations moving by routing inbound calls to other offices or to individuals’ phones.

While not strictly a remote work feature, PBX Parachute does have a connection to your stability as a company. Our tip for working remotely in this piece is that your solid footing is paramount. PBX Parachute can help your business transition to a distributed office by allowing any backup calls reach employees outside your office.

As a reaction to the coronavirus, many customers have deployed their PBX Parachute. Our team is standing by to help negotiate a lower rate on traffic fees or to help companies fully upgrade to the cloud with a hosted PBX plan.

Tools for Working Remotely

If your business has been making the switch to a distributed workplace, consider speaking to VirtualPBX about its tools for working remotely and its experience as a remote company.

We have a wealth of knowledge to share and VoIP Phone Plans that can help you stay connected. Thanks for letting us pass along our experience so you can make the most of a tough situation.

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