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The Reason You Need a Phone System for Your Internet Business

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The Reason You Need a Phone System for Your Internet Business

It’s not uncommon nowadays for individuals to set up their own internet-based businesses. They may provide services (like a SaaS company) or sell goods without a storefront (think Amazon). If you’re in this boat, there’s one overwhelming reason you need a phone system for your internet business: customer preferences.

Customers want choices for the ways they can reach your company. For sales and troubleshooting requests, you can easily offer them web chat, and you probably already do. Now consider the boost that adding a voice service to your online chat or automated chatbot can provide to the services you provide and the experience your customers enjoy.

Expect a jump in personalization and a readiness for customers to reach you in the manner they prefer. Then as a result of those improvements, your sales and customer service will become more streamlined and easier to manage.

Add to Chatbots, Build Personalization

A recent guest post on our blog points out the benefits of using a chatbot for your customer support. It reflects on their speed at answering customers’ questions and their low price as primary benefits.

Chat bubblesWhile chat systems certainly get high marks speed and cost effectiveness, however, they lack the personal touch that direct human interaction – even through voice services – can offer. Customers often know they are speaking to a computer, and they can find an automated system inadequate for certain requests.

You might be entirely comfortable with a chatbot helping you determine a business’s open hours. You might also find it helpful when searching for a specific support article. Yet you may need more depth when asking how parts replacement works or how to use a specific API request in a product.

Voice services don’t have to be expensive to give your customers an outlet for those types of concerns. Starting small with just 300 calling minutes and a low price tag, you can use one of our Unlimited Users Plans and still gain call filtering with an Auto Attendant and missed call followup with Voicemail at no extra charge.

Let your customers choose to reach you by phone when the need to. Gain the ability to respond to their requests with a live call that has enough depth to adequately meet their concerns.

Grow From Entrepreneur to Enterprise

VirtualPBX Call Reports MenuYou don’t need to be a large business to merit using a full-featured voice service. VirtualPBX packs a number of included features into all its VoIP plans. Our Online Retail industry page shows how VirtualPBX can fit into a retail platform, and if you want to explore further, you can compare all VirtualPBX Plans here.

As alluded to earlier, it’s possible to start small with an Unlimited Users plan that’s built for business that don’t have a large call volume. Your expansion as a business can always be matched with a phone plan that scales with your growth.

Say you want to begin a more detailed marketing campaign: our Advanced Call Reports is included in our Advanced Plan. Or maybe you need Call Recording to aid expansion of your employee training efforts: we offer that feature in our 1000, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

Your rate of growth should not determine your capability for using an effective voice service. We rank highly as a multi-line phone system for small businesses and an extensible voice package for global enterprises.

Get Your Own Phone System for Your Internet Business

Keep in mind that this ability to begin with an affordable, small business-focused phone system – and then expand as necessary – works to your customers’ advantage at all times.

When your business is just starting out, your Auto Attendant gives customers an instant outlet to reach your employees (or perhaps just you, the entrepreneur) should they need something more than a basic chatbot response or website search. Then when your business expands its product line or help services, it can funnel those calls through an ACD Queue for fine-grained call routing to the proper employees.

Finally, as you grow toward where you’re building your own communications applications, our API Access will let you customize your calling experience into whatever form you desire. You will know at that point how your customers prefer to interact with your brand, so the applications you build can help them reach you in ways only a custom service can.

For any stage your business is in now, see what your Online Retail shop can achieve with VirtualPBX; we’re excited to help you get started with voice.

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