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Best Virtual Receptionists Have These Features

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Best Virtual Receptionists Have These Features

Auto Attendant Response Menu - Best Virtual Receptionists Have Common FeaturesMost VoIP phone systems today come equipped with a virtual receptionist. That said, not all are endowed with the same powerful features that can help you properly address customer needs. The best virtual receptionists on the market make efforts to go above and beyond the competition.

Our virtual receptionist, the VirtualPBX Auto Attendant, is included standard with all our business phone plans. It stands out from competitors by being configurable within minutes yet intelligent enough to route calls to individuals and groups based on caller selection and office hours. It also accepts custom user greetings that are simple to upload and manage.

Simple Configuration

VirtualPBX Auto Attendant Time Configuration MenuWhen seeking the best virtual receptionist, you should find that it’s easy to manage no matter the number of features it offers.

‘Ease of use’ stands out as an element of our Auto Attendant from the first step of setup, which is choosing a time of day for responding to calls. You can set your Office Hours in your dashboard and set the Auto Attendant to respond differently when your business is open, at lunch, closed, or on holiday.

Simplicity in configuration here continues with the setting of the virtual receptionist menu. A main menu of options can be presented to the caller to “Dial 1 for Sales, 2 for Support” and so on. These options are set within a drop-down menu that can be changed at any time to accommodate your business’s needs.

Custom Greetings

VirtualPBX Auto Attendant Greetings MenuYour greetings to address callers match the dialing settings established in your initial configuration. You can record a message through your phone, upload an audio file, use our text-to-speech feature, or work with our partner Snap Recordings to create a custom, professional message.

The best virtual receptionists on the market don’t look past this feature. It isn’t difficult to create your own custom messages, following a helpful script if necessary. Taking just a few minutes to personally address your customers can make their conversations with your business helpful from the outset.

Whether your stick to text-to-speech or hire professional help, the power of a custom message cannot be understated. We build custom recording options into our Auto Attendant because we know how helpful these messages can be.

Intelligent Call Routing

VirtualPBX Auto Attendant Configuration GIFA choice for best virtual receptionist can also be argued as top tier by its ability to route callers to different styles of phone system extensions.

The call routing options chosen in your “Dial 1 for Sales, 2 for Support”-style menu in our Auto Attendant can allow your callers to reach individual and group extensions and voicemail boxes.

Individuals will see their device(s) ring when an inbound call is routed to them. Calls pointed to groups through our Ring Groups can ring multiple individuals phones simultaneously or sequentially.

Voicemail boxes can be presented to callers without ringing a user’s device. This type of routing can be useful during times when your business is closed.

What’s the Best Virtual Receptionist?

Of course we would grant the title of Best Virtual Receptionist to our own Auto Attendant. Still, we hope you take a considered look for yourself by comparing the features of our Business Phone Plans and signing up for a Free Demo to experience our system first hand.

Your custom greetings may be the first interaction a customer has with your brand; our plans let you put forward your best image. Now come see for yourself what we have to offer.

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