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Hiring Remote Employees – Chapter 2 of Our E-Book

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Hiring Remote Employees – Chapter 2 of Our E-Book

VirtualPBX Remote Team Management E-Book CoverFollowing the successful publishing of Chapter 1 of our Remote Team Management E-Book, we have now released Chapter 2 that covers the topic of hiring remote employees.

Chapter 1 discussed the nature of remote work and how, in general, it can benefit your business and help employees achieve a greater work-life balance. Now in Chapter 2, we discuss the tips and tricks to hiring remote employees. Even if you’ve hired for remote positions before, this could be a great opportunity to hone your skills when it comes time to add to your team.

What to Look for in a New Hire?

Our vice president of sales, Kevin Peyton, has years of experience leading our sales representatives in both on-site and remote locations. He has been instrumental in helping VirtualPBX find success during the difficult times of the COVID pandemic.

He lends much advice throughout Chapter 2 of Remote Team Management by sharing what qualities he looks for in a remote hire candidate. He notes that a combination of both hard skills and soft skills can reveal what an individual will bring to the company.

Remote Team Management Quote About Employee Skill Sets

Interviewing Candidates

Interviews can help reveal an individual’s soft skills, while a resume highlights their history of dealing with workplace tasks like cold calling sales leads.

It’s stressed in our e-book that, in this stage of hiring remote employees, being candid is of the utmost importance. Remote work situations can be unique – especially for people who are new to working off-site. The demands of the position should be on the interview agenda.

Onboarding Can Be Intensive

Hiring Remote Employees Graphic From VirtualPBX E-Book Chapter 2Peyton stresses that onboarding a remote employee can require heavy use of tools like video conferences.

Typically, onboarding takes place through shadowing, where a new hire will stick by an experienced employee so they can ask questions and learn quickly how daily tasks take shape. Without the ability to physically shadow someone, however, multiple video sessions have to take that role.

Peyton notes that working through typical sales scenarios works well for him during onboarding. Other tactics and strategies are outlined throughout this chapter about hiring remote employees.

Hiring Remote Employees Requires Rethinking

Our Managing Remote Teams E-Book primarily focuses on the role of managers at remote companies. We want to show you what it takes to run a company and its departments without (potentially) ever being face-to-face with your employees.

This might sound like a far-fetched idea, but it can be done, and it can be done well. Many VirtualPBX employees work remotely at all times; several new team members were even onboarded during the pandemic.

We’ve done it right. Now we can show you what we know. Pick up a copy of our e-book today.

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