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Upgrade to Dash 5.0 Is Coming!

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Upgrade to Dash 5.0 Is Coming!

We will soon upgrade the platform that runs our VirtualPBX Phone Plans, which we call Dash, to version 5.0. The move to Dash 5.0 will come with a range of benefits for our customers that will allow them to more efficiently use their phone plans every day.

Lon Baker, the COO of VirtualPBX, commented briefly about our latest developments:

Updates To Our ACD Queues Feature

ACD Queues Pro - Call Queue Status - VirtualPBXOne specific feature many customers have been waiting for is the use of mobile phones and landlines in queues.

For many years, Dash users were only able to use VoIP phones, our VirtualPBX Softphone, and the VirtualPBX Web Phone to handle inbound calls in our ACD Queues and ACD Queues Pro features. The upgrade to Dash 5.0 will allow user to add smartphones and landline phones to their lists of allowable devices.

This means you can take calls from customers with any device you own. You’re no longer limited to VoIP-specific devices; just like with our Call Forwarding feature, this update helps you bring your personal devices into the mix of workplace phones.

A Quick Softphone Mention

We’re also excited for what’s coming with the VirtualPBX Softphone. Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for updates related to management of video and calling groups with our softphone that runs on Android and iOS mobile devices and on Mac and Windows computers.

This exciting development is currently being tested within VirtualPBX group meetings, and we’re seeing a lot of positive feedback from our meeting participants.

How Does Dash 5.0 Work?

VirtualPBX API EndpointsThe upgrades mentioned above are made possible because of the nature of how the VirtualPBX Phone System works behind the scenes. With every call you make or receive, digital information passes through some part of the VirtualPBX API.

The API lets use handle call information and pass it to your devices. It lets users manage webhooks to capture data about their business’s calls. It lets you gain overviews of your account – such as viewing the phone numbers associated with your groups and users. It also lets us build feature like Business SMS to stay with communications trends in our industry.

In short, the API and the flexible nature of Dash let us quickly and easily upgrade our existing features and build new features that benefit our customers.

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