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Things Come Together With Centralized Messaging

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Things Come Together With Centralized Messaging

Centralized Messaging: in One Place, Even When You Can’t Be

You are a connected business professional. You’ve got an active presence and profile on multiple social platforms, several email addresses, and who knows how many different telephone numbers that you have business conversations on. You can be in multiple conversations on multiple platforms seemingly simultaneously. Technology has let you leverage it to participate more often and in more locations than ever before.

Being able to attend a lot of different parties at the same time by way of your avatars and likenesses is great for not missing a conversation. But what happens when you actually have to check your messages from each of those outlets? If it’s anything like what I’ve experienced, the scene is somewhere between the tedium of exhaustive message delineation and, in the event of one of the myriad crisis or fire drills that businesses encounter in a day, complete pandemonium. Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly and easily scan through your messages to grab only the ones you need and note the ones you can come back to? Let me assure you, it is.

Auto Reply Message Sample for Business (Centralized Messaging)

centralized Messaging is Everything You Need

All in one place, too. Centralized messaging from VirtualPBX lets you take any lines and aggregate the voicemails from them into one receptacle. By identifying the lines you want to keep track on, you can simply visit your vConsole and listen to, sort, save, and delete them all in any order you want right from there.

All-in-one online portals aren’t your bag? No problem. Like anything from VirtualPBX, Centralized Messaging is ready to become the tool that you want it to be. Instead of the vConsole, you can have your messages converted into audio files and emailed to you as attachments or you can even have notifications sent to your mobile phone over SMS text. You get to decide how you get your voicemail, plus which lines to get them from. With VirtualPBX’s Centralized Messaging, you’ll never have to leave one of those parties for too long ever again.

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