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Mail Only Extensions – The Big Game of Time Saving

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Mail Only Extensions – The Big Game of Time Saving

Super Bowl StadiumThis last Sunday was the Super Bowl and a record estimated 120.8 million Americans tuned-in. Increasingly over the years, there has begun the trend of virtually as many people who sit for the big game do so as much for the sports contest as for the advertisements. Even if you are a diehard football fanatic who rushes against the current to the restroom during commercial time while your friends and family gather around the TV to not miss a thing, there is no denying the massive crowds these high-dollar ads draw.

Making Sense of Super Bowl Dollars

The growing popularity of on-demand media and streaming content make events like the Super Bowl unique in sense that they can draw more eyeballs to be fixed on a live event. The opportunity to speak to these types of rare, captivated audiences isn’t one that is acquired inexpensively. With investments soaring from 4.5 million dollars for a 30 second TV spot on top of the cost of making the advertisement itself, it is imperative for companies to be able to manage the challenge of success that comes from the Super Bowl surge.

All Hands On Deck

With companies that experience huge surges in traffic both to their websites and telephone numbers following a well-placed ad, it is critical they keep things running smoothly during the rush. Among all of the things that entails, having to prioritize tasks is key. If you’ve got some basic information that your newfound customer base is going to need, fielding the same question thousands of times isn’t likely to be at the top of that priority list.

Mail Only Extensions

By setting-up a Mail Only Extension from VirtualPBX as part of your plan to manage the influx, you can make sure your customers get exactly what they’re looking for without tying you up on the phone. Mail Only Extensions are pre-recorded messages that you can direct inbound calls to for quick deliveries of important information. Once the recording is complete, you can program the system give the caller the option to leave a message, redirect them to the main menu queue, or if that info is all they need you can also disconnect the call following the completion of the message. And like all of the VirtualPBX options, you can always manage these preferences from the ease of anywhere you have internet access via the vConsole web portal.

Not Just for National Attention

Mail Only Extensions are valuable for all types of businesses, whether they have just garnered massive national recognition or not. Some of the key uses include:

  • Restaurants that have hours, direction, or daily specials on a recording
  • Marketing or Events Agencies with satellite weekly events
  • Entertainment venues that want to keep their line-ups fresh

No matter what industry you operate in, there are definitely ways for your business to benefit from having more time on your hands. Mail Only Extensions are just one of the many ways that VoIP phone service form VirtualPBX can save you time and money. To add Mail Only Extensions to your business phone service, or for any questions you may have about VirtualPBX’s array of services, contact the VoIP experts and start saving today.

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