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Out of Office: Can Your Business Keep Up With You?

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Out of Office: Can Your Business Keep Up With You?

Business Moves Pretty FastWhat are your Out Of Office Options?

I love alliteration, especially when I can get the oft mentioned, “OOO,” for Out of Office to include a fourth O-word. But that’s beside the point because you’re a busy professional and you are always on the go, right? Right. So what are you going to do when you have to leave the office at a moment’s notice and haven’t planned to forward calls or even update your voicemail message? First you’re going to make sure you’ve signed-up for the VirtualPBX RSS Feed so you can finish reading this from anywhere, next you’re going to take into account how you can keep in touch with your customers and important calls while you’re out. Fortunately, with VirtualPBX Business VoIP plans, you have a couple of compelling options for how you can do that.


I’m going to assume that most people are familiar with what voicemail is as a technology. Now that’s settled, let me invite you to throw everything you know right out of the window. VirtualPBX has developed a slew of options for your voicemail on our hosted telephone lines that will give you reason to reacquaint yourself with the often overlooked service.

  • Never Full Mailbox – First off, how about never having to miss an important call because they couldn’t leave a message? That’s now a thing of the past. With the virtual mailbox, callers can keep leaving messages without you fretting that it’s about to suddenly shut down.
  • Automatic Callback – It may as well be throwback calling, because this feature is as good as the old *69 of yesteryear. If you get a message but the caller doesn’t leave a number, Automatic Callback connects you to where the call originated.
  • Smart Notifications – You can rely on your never full mailbox to get the messages you need, but what if an urgent call comes through when you’re not at your phone? With notification preferences including notes to your email, vConsole, and even as text messages to any mobile phone, you’ll be back in touch with important calls as quickly as if you received them yourself.
  • Smart Message Access – Taking notifications one step further, you can retrieve your messages by calling your extension from any touchtone phone, through your vConsole web portal, or delivered to your email as a .WAV file.

Follow-Me Calling

Voicemail not really your bag? No problem. Follow-Me Calling is a little bit call forwarding, and a little bit spy satellite in that, if you choose, you can always be found. With Follow-Me Calling, you can preprogram up to four different numbers to be cascaded through for each extension. This way, a call going to the phone on your desk that isn’t answered can cycle through to your mobile phone, then your home phone, or any other number you want to include until the call reaches you. You can also specify the amount of time allotted for each number in the sequence so that your caller isn’t on the line for ages before they reach you, either. The best part about Follow-Me calling is that, when combined with a VirtualPBX Softphone and Softphone App for smartphones, you never have to give out a personal number again. Your business number will be all that your callers need to find you anywhere along the line of the devices that you choose to include. This advanced call-forwarding system is a little eerie in just how well it can keep you connected. There is no need to worry, though, because like all of the great features from VirtualPBX, you can customize it however you like, including switching it back to Voicemail once your day is done.

Which is Right for Me?

That depends on your needs. If you are mobile and absolutely can’t miss a call, Follow-Me Calling is the way to go, whereas if you just prefer to not keep people waiting long after leaving a message, you can really create a nice and efficient Voicemail experience for your callers, too. However you decide, though, with these solutions at your disposal you shouldn’t have any problem being there when your callers need you the most.

Whether it’s with a clever and specific series of voicemail messages or always being ready to get that important call no matter where you are. Your time and schedule don’t need to operate around your phone system, make your phone system operate around you. If you are interested in learning more about your Voicemail and Follow-Me Calling settings, or if you have any more questions, please get in touch and he’d be happy to help.

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