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How Call Tracking Software Can Assist Your Marketing Campaigns

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How Call Tracking Software Can Assist Your Marketing Campaigns

VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports Icons - How Call Tracking Software Assists Marketing CampaignsThe Marketing team at VirtualPBX completes a lot of outreach on search engines and social media platforms. With half a dozen DID numbers in circulation, our in-house call tracking software, Advanced Call Reports, helps us keep track of our efforts.

As we’ve written about previously, our Advanced Call Reports tool has seen a lot of success with our Customer Support team in generating call logs about agent performance in call queues. Our Marketing department takes that same tool in a different direction by focusing more on specific phone numbers than on agent statistics.

Setting Up DID Number Tracking

VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports Filter ConfigurationThe process of tracking one or many numbers in your campaigns takes only two primary steps in Advanced Call Reports. First, you create a Filter that selects the phone numbers you want to track. Second, you create a Report that acts on that Filter.

Create a Filter

The Filters section of our call tracking software presents a Create Filter for getting started. This opens a menu where you select the field you want to filter – in Marketing’s case, it’s the Direct Inward Dial field – and the values you want that field to match.

Other fields to select from include call information like Area Code and Call Direction, call time like Call Duration and Ring Time, and user information like an ACD Queues Pro Agent Name or Queue Name.

Create a Report

VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports Reports ConfigurationYou can create a Report in a similar manner. The Reports section of our call tracking software also presents a Create button that leads to a section where information can be selected for. Looking at the Filters tab in the Create Report window, you can select any previously created filters for use in your Report and set the days of the week the Filter should analyze.

When looking at its own Report, the Marketing team will see information like the DID number, answer time, ring time, and call duration about its respective DID numbers. The fields shown in Reports are all customizable to include these fields and others.

Call Tracking Software Benefits

What our Marketing team gains from DID tracking in this manner is a more complete picture of how our campaigns are working.

We know which phone numbers we assign to each social media platform and search engine. When those numbers are displayed side-by-side with results metrics like the number of inbound calls, we can easily tell if a campaign is performing betting in one arena than another.

We use this information to improve our outreach by tailoring our campaigns to the platforms on which they do best. For instance, we might see that an advertisement with a friendly tone, run on Bing and Google, works much better on Bing and that a more serious-toned ad works better on Google.

The number of inbound calls and duration of calls could be greater for the higher performer in both cases. This tells us a lot about where to run specific types of ads, and it does so in an easily accessible manner through reports that we can have delivered automatically to our email inboxes.

Many Uses for Call Reports

If you’d like to see what our call tracking software can do, schedule a Free Demo with our Sales team to see Advanced Call Reports in action. Your own Marketing, Services, Sales, and other teams could benefit greatly from information about their daily calls.

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