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Let Advanced Call Reports Improve Your Business Efficiency

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Let Advanced Call Reports Improve Your Business Efficiency

VirtualPBX Call Reports Menu - Improve Business Efficiency With Call ReportsLike most organizations, you want to keep your business efficiency high. Your scheduling system keeps employees and managers on task. Your calendars keep everyone informed about company goals.

Yet parts of your operations might not meet your expectations. How can you inch forward the average inbound ring time at your call center or the number of calls that reach voicemail instead of a storefront employee? How do you discover these gaps in the system?

When it comes to calls that pass through your Business Phone System and your call queues, our Advanced Call Reports feature can help you track down the elements of your operations that work against your business efficiency. The following examples will profile several red flags easily found with an automatically-generated report.

Missed Calls From an Online Campaign

A great way to get started with Advanced Call Reports is to track inbound calls related to marketing campaigns.

VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports Filter ConfigurationThe VirtualPBX Marketing team keeps track of its DID numbers by filtering a select set of phone numbers and generating reports based on that filter. You can just as easily find the performance of your own campaigns by filtering for the phone numbers you use in online advertisements where you’re able to set times of day in which they run.

Reports can output, among other types of information, whether or not a call was answered. This “Yes” or “No” answer can offer valuable information about how a campaign is functioning. For instance, if you see that many calls haven’t been answered and that, for those specific calls, your office was reached outside office hours, no employee would be at fault for missing a call. Instead, a setting inside your online campaign would need to be adjusted to better match your schedule.

This simple fix can improve your business efficiency by keeping your campaigns in line with your calendar. Reports like these often show that all your campaigns are moving along smoothly. Sometimes, though, they catch a slip-up because your office hours recently changed, and catching those mismatches early can keep your campaigns cost effective and keep your customers happy.

Number of Calls Transferred

When you have a lot of inbound calls reaching your business, it can be helpful to sort them with routing schemes provided by ACD Queues Pro. You can create queues for each of your departments – like Customer Service and Sales – and let agents take control of all the calls pushed their way.

This arrangement places a lot of power into the hands of agents. They can, for instance, choose to escalate a call by transferring it to another agent on their team. This helps customers get the assistance they need in a timely fashion.

Of course, systems like this can also set themselves up for unwanted manipulation. Advanced Call Reports opens up a range of statistics about every call that passes through your business to show their state and progression over time. For agents in ACD Queues Pro, it can display the performance of each agent and compare basic stats like Incoming Calls and Transferred Out.

VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports - Agent Report

If the number of calls Transferred Out is a larger portion of Incoming Calls than is reasonable, it could be time to investigate. A number of situations could lead to a showing of unbalanced data, so keep in mind that this is but one piece of information in an otherwise large system.

A queue of individuals in receptionist positions might be expected to transfer a majority of their calls, but an agent in a customer service role might be expected to answer calls without a lot of assistance. Business efficiency can be improved greatly when call times are kept low and customers are provided useful answers from the first agent they encounter. When analyzed properly, reports about queues and agent performance can show a lot about your organization’s overall aptitude in this area.

Inbound Call Time to Answer

One other situation you may need to address at your business is its average time to answer.

Say you have only one phone number for your small business; it rings a desk phone that’s available for every employee to answer. You’re examining a report that shows your Time to Answer is nearly 30 seconds, which is well above your expected maximum of 10 seconds.

By checking statistics filtered by your lone phone number, you’ve discovered something that’s a serious dent in your business efficiency. If the Answered field show “No” for many of those calls, it would also indicate that callers are hanging up before speaking to anyone in your shop.

This could lead you to a number of conclusions:

  • The ringing phone isn’t loud enough to hear
  • Staff are too busy with other tasks to answer calls
  • There’s an expectation that “someone else will answer the call”

Any of these situations, and perhaps many more, are possible and were revealed with a single line of data. Without Advanced Call Reports, this reality might never have been addressed. Now having looked at your calls more closely, you can take efforts to improve efficiency and decrease customer wait times.

Improve Your Own Business Efficiency

Take a look at our Advanced Call Reports platform in a Free Demo with our Sales team today.

There’s no better way to see what Advanced Call Reports can do for your business than to experience it live. We’ll show you the types of reports you can create, personalized to address the uses cases in which your business uses its phones.

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