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The Year of Excellence – Dash is Awarded VoIP Combo

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The Year of Excellence – Dash is Awarded VoIP Combo

VoIP ComboI know it seems unlikely, but the results are in and the past nearly 12 months have been a whirlwind for Dash, the business VoIP option that’s taking the industry by storm. And in keeping with the hit-the-ground-running-take-no-prisoners attitude that Dash had from the moment it landed, it’s ending its first year with a bang. In unprecedented fashion, Dash has just been awarded a pair of the most prestigious awards available for products in the hosted communications space. The VoIP combo to end all VoIP combos, Dash has just won the 2017 Internet Telephony Product of the Year and the 2016 Unified Communications Excellence Award!

VoIP Combo wins VoIP Combo?

It’s a bit of a mouthful, but these two big wins for Dash are similar to the one-two punch combo of beauty and brawn that has made Dash so successful thus far. In almost exactly one year, Dash has proven that the industry that was previously dominated by engineering-heavy and clunky, cumbersome VoIP products is ready, and eager, for something new. Dash has the backing of the full feature set of an enterprise-grade telephone network but with the sleek styling and intuitive interface of the latest consumer applications. This VoIP combo makes Dash ideal for addressing the complex unified communications needs of a modern business without requiring businesses to source highly specialized technical talent to do it. Anyone on any tea can log into the Dash user portal and begin using it. Or, and likely another reason why Dash has caught on so quickly, because of Dash’s nearly universal device compatibility, new users can often just access Dash for the first time right off of their smartphones.

2016 Excellence AwardInternet Telephony Product of the Year Award

It’s Tough to Start on a High Note

This is a fine problem to have, but winning these two awards so early in the 2017 calendar year makes it a bit daunting to consider where we’ll go from here. The fact is, though, that as proud as we are about how well our customers and peers have received Dash over the past twelve months, we haven’t really had the time to stop and enjoy it. That’s because we’ve been hard at work building out our VirtualPBX Product Roadmap and filling it with the projects of today, tomorrow, and beyond in the interest of never getting comfortable and taking successes like Dash for granted. We understand that with every new accolade that Dash receives, there is more motivation for our very talented and capable peers in the VoIP industry to eventually build something that will knock is down a few pegs. Until that time, however, we’ll be hard at, too. Because our customers depend on us to keep them connected while growing into their own great recognitions, we’ll never get tired of innovating new ways to help take them there.

No matter when the next milestone for us is released, you can make a point to see what all of the fuss has been about and check out Dash for yourself. You can even get a full two weeks of free Dash demo time on the platform for you and your team by signing up here. Either way please make sure to let us know on Twitter and Facebookwhat you think and how we can help your business telephone problems a thing of the past.

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