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Back-to-Back Wins for Dash Unlimited From VirtualPBX!

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Back-to-Back Wins for Dash Unlimited From VirtualPBX!

2016 Internet Telephony & TMC Labs Innovation AwardBefore the ink had even dried on the last international recognition for Dash Unlimited, we’re at it again with back-to-back wins for our newest hosted VoIP platform. That’s right, the excitement that one of these two awards causes is already enough to get us dizzy, but now we’re beside ourselves with juggling the attention this has created.

A Fine Problem To Have

Certainly, juggling the attention that these awards have brought to Dash Unlimited is not a challenge we’re disinterested in, quite the contrary, in fact. What is notable about this most recent recognition, however, is that the Innovation Award validates both the design risks we took to develop Dash as well as the research-back usage decisions that we leveraged to develop Dash Unlimited. The combination of a groundbreaking user interface along with a robust, unlimited usage guideline didn’t initially seem to be exceptionally innovative to us, but rather it just seemed like the right thing to do.

Plenty More on the Horizon

While we can’t guarantee that every product or service we roll out will be an award-winner (much less one with back-to-back wins like Dash Unlimited!), we can guarantee that each product will receive the same attention and innovation that Dash Unlimited has. If you want to know what in particular those next products are, you can visit our public-facing VirtualPBX product roadmap. This is the place where we’ll be sharing all of the upcoming products and services that we have coming up around the bend. You won’t be able to see everything we have in the works, because we have to keep some surprises, of course, but you’ll have access to view and comment on a lot of what we have in the works.

Plus, as always, make sure to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for updates on this award and whatever else happens next!

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