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Telecommunications Triple Threat – Dash Unlimited Product of the Year

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Telecommunications Triple Threat – Dash Unlimited Product of the Year

2016 TMC Communications Solutions Product of the YearNow things finally are beginning to feel balanced between the three main pillars of our hosted business telephone services, VirtualPBX Office, Dash, and the newly minted Dash Unlimited. That newfound balance is a result of the recent awarding of the 2016 TMC Communications Solutions Product of the Year award, making it the last of these three options to win such an honor. With this recent product of the year award win for Dash Unlimited, the industry experts at TMC, Internet Telephony, and beyond have anointed VirtualPBX’s VoIP services as the ultimate telecommunications triple threat.

Working Together to Win

Every award we’ve ever won has been received with the utmost humility and gratitude, because we know we didn’t earn it by ourselves. We lean on our customers, vendors, peers, and internally on each other to make sure that every step of the way is accompanied by constant course correction. To guide us, we use one of our founding principles based on constantly acting in the best interest of our customers above all else. We’ve learned from the use patterns, pain points, and needs of our industry through this process and that is how we came to create the super-sized version of Dash, Dash Unlimited. By keeping all of the incredible features that made Office Plans the bedrock for enterprise grade performance and including the interface that made Dash the instant sensation in VoIP UX design, we beefed up Dash Unlimited with unlimited minutes for anyone using the service.

Not Done Yet

Just like we said when we accepted the 2016 TMC Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award for Dash Unlimited , we’re not even remotely finished moving forward. It’s important to recognize this achievement and acknowledge all of the wonderful and talented people we have working together to help make it a reality, but the window for that is slim, nonetheless. That’s because without continuing to press forward and innovate new solutions to meet the needs of our customers, we wouldn’t have built this telecommunications triple threat into what it is. Plus, who is to say they won’t have a few more threats to join them, too, someday?

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