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Scent Tracker Dog-Powered Call Forwarding

Professional Call Forwarding Services have never been so Humane!

scent trackerIn an exclusive, never-before-seen partnership with the ASPCA and various law enforcement agencies, VirtualPBX is proud to announce the Scent Tracker Call Forwarding system. This is a collaboration that builds on our existing Veterans Programs to allow a second career for canine companions from the battlefield. Leveraging the impressive olfactory prowess of these highly-trained animals has allowed us to establish call forwarding protocols for when inbound callers to an office line do not reach their desired contact. By developing a doggy-friendly telephone receiver and pairing each dog to an employee’s specific scent, the dogs are able to track down an employee no matter where he or she may be.

  • Dogs come in a variety of breeds and each one is equipped with patented Dog-Friendly wireless receiver to carry calls forward.
  • Each employee enrolled in Scent Tracker Call Forwarding is eligible for unlimited new devices to add to the canine employee’s rotation.
  • Enrollment in Scent Tracker Call Forwarding program comes with “Forward Fuel” coupons to defray the cost of dog food in addition to a complimentary VirtualPBX pooper-scooper and baggies.
  • Each Scent Tracker Call Forwarding Canine comes complete with updated shots and immunizations to keep your calls forwarded and flea free.

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There’s more than one way to get advanced call forwarding, but Scent Tracker is the only one that brings a new career to one of America’s most heroic canines. Plus, Scent Tracker is just one of the newest and highest quality additions into the VirtualPBX VoIP Hardware Product Line. Take a look at the other cutting-edge devices below.


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