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Remote Office Phone Systems

So You Can Stay Connected - Wherever You May Wander

There is easily no more cost-effective model to accommodate such a robust unified communications platform than Dash, much less one with the enterprise-grade firepower that Digital Nomads need to bring immediate credibility to their remote office phone systems. What’s more? Before you sign up for our award-winning VoIP phone services, you can get a free, personal tour with our Sales Team to see first-hand how the whole system works.

Stretching Margins

Making the most out of a small business, especially one that spends 12 months a year traveling the globe, begins and ends with healthy margins. With one of the best established hosted platform and a staggeringly large library of domestic, international, and toll-free telephone numbers to choose from, VirtualPBX has built a cost-saving giant to bring to your remote office phone systems. Plus, being as intricately involved with distributed workforces from one to several thousand as well, we understand better than anyone the challenges that come with that and are always prepared to work to find the right plan, for the right price.

Remote Phone Service to Never Tie You Down

live monitoringChoosing the life of a Digital Nomad means you are beholden to no one and attached to no place. Choosing VirtualPBX for your remote phone service means you can actually do that and never have any blackout periods of being in contact with your customers. The ability to Hot Desk means that basically, any telephone on the planet can be your office while you’re there. The VirtualPBX Softphone App uses the power of a hosted phone service to replicate the features of a business phone. The softphone can be transported and used on virtually any device as an application. This makes managing your business communications more seamless than ever.

Pack Light, Move Quickly

For most Digital Nomads the speed of their work is only matched by the speed of their adventures. From the moment you sign up with Dash, there is nothing that will ever hold you back or slow you down. With an industry-leading operational uptime of over 99.99% and the cleanest, fastest sign-up portal available, Dash was made to be your best “cloud phone service” co-pilot. Sign-up now and be up and running in about 5 minutes. That’s short enough that you can even do it on your next layover. With prices that cannot be beaten, we’ll even sweeten the deal by offering a Free Demo to make sure you like our platform before you get started.

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Learn More About Having a Remote Office With This Webinar

You really can have your cake and eat it, too. If you want to continue living your nomadic lifestyle but maintain communication with your business partners, get started with VirtualPBX.

As a community that prides itself on having a completely remote team, take a look at our webinar that reviews tips and tricks about working remotely. In this webinar, we discuss common remote work myths and benefits of adopting a remote work policy. We also review some of our favorite remote working tools and best practices for companies moving away from traditional work policies. Fill out the form below to get your recording of the Digital Nomads Webinar!