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Phone Compatibility: VoIP Cell Phones, Desk Phones, and More

VirtualPBX’s Brand New Line of Unbelievable VoIP Hardware Options

We’ve been in hosted telephony for almost 20 years and, therefore, we’ve seen a lot of different product flashes in the pan come and go. When we partnered with our network hardware manufacturers, though, we knew we were on to something special. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our first ever proprietary line of VoIP products. We’re thrilled to make them available to you now, and more information on each one of these ground-breaking products can be found by clicking through to its specific product page. Welcome to the future, brought to you by VirtualPBX!

Tin Cup Phone 5000

Dominate with Tin Cup Phone 5000 for Total Intercom-ination!

String-to-can communications haven’t seen anything like Tin Cup Phone 5000! TCP-5k from VirtualPBX is the pinnacle of intercom technology and it’s ready for your office now!

Get Connected with Tin Cups Now!

Turn Eavesdropping into Jaw Dropping with Jar on a Wall !

Teleconferencing typically requires special phones that allow huge rooms of employees to participate, With Jar on a Wall, any phone is a conference phone and any wall is a conference room!

Discover the Jar of the Future!

Jar On A Wall

Plinko Call Distribution Board for ACD Queues Pro by VirtualPBX

Drop a Disc in Plinko for the Ultimate Ring Group Mic Drop!

When you think of a brand-agnostic call distribution or ACD Queue solution for businesses with call centers or high call volume, think Plinko!

Drop it Like it’s Hot!

Smell What Scent Tracker Has Cooking for Call Forwarding!

Powered by rescued dogs from Law Enforcement, the Military, and other various agencies, Scent Tracker Call Forwarding is definitely a (business) man’s best friend!

Find Out What the Nose Knows Now!

scent tracker

aero one

Fly Like Icarus With the Aero One Transfer System!

Glide into the future and soar where eagles fly! We merged the latest technology from both aerospace and origami to create the all-new Aero One Advanced Transfer Device from VirtualPBX.

Ground Control to Major Technology!