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Aero One Advanced Transfer Device

Launch Call Transfers Into Super Sonic Speed

aero oneWhile technically subsonic, the Aero One is the most revolutionary way to deliver time-sensitive information to your coworkers. The advanced intra-office relay system is aerodynamically optimized for smooth flights to each of your coworkers. Never miss another call again with the Aero One!

  • Each 50-count pack of Aero One Transfers comes ready to fold with intuitive pre-creased guidelines.
  • No more annoying and dangerous eye-poking incidents with OSHA-compliant and patented “soft beak” design option.
  • Designed in collaboration with top consultants from both aerospace and competitive origami to keep fold count low and flight time high.
  • Made from 85% post-consumer recycled paper products to be cost-effective, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

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