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Custom Plinko Call Distribution Board for ACD Queues by VirtualPBX

Plinko – The Cure for Uneven Call Distribution Loads!

Plinko Call Distribution Board for ACD Queues by VirtualPBXMany companies have high call volume or call center operations that require ACD Queues but few telephone companies offer much more than rudimentary hunt groups, and for prohibitely expensive rates at that. With the Custom Plinko Call Distribution Board, any company can introduce scientifically random call distribution, regardless of their telephone service provider. Plus, with the option to connect multiple Custom Plinko Call Distribution Boards, businesses can even create complex call trees with replicated Ring Groups, too!

  • Each Plinko board is handmade and available in either sustainably harvested bamboo or in premium redwood from Northern California.
  • Customize the number of extensions by indicating the desired amount of terminating Plinko options.
  • Precision Stagger Pin Placement (PSPP) is exclusively desinged to ensure equidistant pin orientation for maximum statistical randomness.
  • Plinko discs made with technology borrowed from air hockey design to ensure durability and optimum energy return for pin rebound.

Tossing Plinko Discs into the Future of VoIP Hardware!

The CustomPlinko Call Distribution Board delivers a fun and enjoyable way to circumnavigate the costly world of ACD Queues. Plus, just like VPN for VoIP Service has made it possible to work with us regardless of from whom you get your VoIP service from, you can use Plinko boards with any provider, too! But the Plinko Board also only represents one of the new family of products introduced into our advanced line of VirtualPBX VoIP Hardware Products. Take a look at the other cutting-edge devices below.


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