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Dial into Conferences with Jar On a Wall Teleconferencing

Jar on a Wall Will Revolutionize the way You Teleconference!

jar-on-a-wallTeleconferencing is the most cost-efficient way to get multiple stakeholders onto one phone call. Jar on a Wall technology from VirtualPBX stretches those saving further by turning stakeholders into jar-holders with the all-new Jar on a Wall Teleconferencing Device! This revolutionary approach to teleconferencing eliminates the need for high-tech teleconferencing phones by making any phone with a speaker button eleigible for conferencing. Additionally, Jar on a Wall makes office and infrastructure investments virtually dissapear by turning any solid vertical surface- from office walls to cubicals, into effective audio trasmitters for teleconference attendees!

  • High grade glass made with proprietary silicon mixture for crystal clear voice quality and sound transmission.
  • Comfortable design to reduce ear and head fatigue up to 70% over other jars.
  • Unique “hands free” design allows for note taking, typing, and other multitsaking during teleconferencing.
  • Also serves as a jar or glass when not transmitting conversations in adjacent rooms.

Jar on a Wall Represents the Apex of Telecom Technology

Serving many of the same functions as the most advanced teleconferencing phones available on the market today but at a fraction of the price, Jar on a Wall is just one of the new family of innovative VirtualPBX VoIP Hardware Product Line. Learn more about the other cutting-edge devices below.


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