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VPN for VoIP Service

If you’ve ever experienced challenges with your switch to a VoIP telephone system without a clear answer on how to fix it, you’re not alone. Millions of businesses need the cost-saving benefits of a hosted business phone system but don’t know how to maximize their existing internet connection for voice traffic – this can lead to common problems like one-way audio, static, or dropped calls. That’s where the VPN for VoIP Service with Peplink comes in. When the multi-WAN router from Peplink is combined with VPN for VoIP, your business gets an ironclad pathway for all of your voice communications, no matter what else happens to your regular internet traffic. By creating an impenetrable VPN tunnel that routes voice traffic to a VirtualPBX-hosted environment, VPN for VoIP directs voice traffic through your ISP without throttling the rest of your internet traffic.

Lightning Fast VoIP for Up to 50 Users Per Location

Much like building the Hoover Dam, engineering a tunnel for massive amounts of data to flow through was just the first part of construction. To ensure that your voice connections flow freely and that none of your other internet traffic is affected, we’ve tested a huge field of hardware options. Following the same rigorous testing we put all of our hardware partners through, there was only one clear winner that met our high standards for reliability and value- the Peplink Balance 20. Please note that the below pricing is for annual contracts, please contact our Sales Team for additional pricing options.


  • $49 one time set up fee
  • $269 device purchase
  • $89 location/mo


  • $49 one time set up fee
  • $269 device purchase
  • $78 location/mo


  • $49 one time set up fee
  • $269 device purchase
  • $67 location/mo


  • $49 one time set up fee
  • $269 device purchase
  • $52 location/mo

Investigate Your Options

There’s never any obligation associated with finding out what may be affecting your network or impacting your voice quality. And because we can work with any service provider, VPN for VoIP from VirtualPBX can be the perfect complement to your business communications, no matter what.

Is the VPN for VoIP Service only for VirtualPBX customers? Not at all!

Any business with a hosted telephone system, regardless of the service provider, is eligible for VPN for VoIP from VirtualPBX. That’s because the network issues that VPN for VoIP addresses are brand agnostic, and so are the solutions! No matter where you get your VoIP phone system, you can rest assured that it will work better and under more conditions than ever before with Peplink-powered VPN for VoIP.

Need an even BIGGER fix?

For companies with worksites that house over 50 employees in a single location, we perform deeper analysis and deploy coinciding hardware options meant for higher volumes. Whether you’re housing thousands of employees in one location, or hosting several offices of hundreds, VirtualPBX Enterprise Services team members can build the right fix for the situation. We have dozens of teams to monitor and respond to virtual telephone networks all over the contiguous 48 United States. No matter where your needs are, our national network of experienced telephony professionals can deploy at a moment’s notice to make sure calls come through on telephone systems from one to a thousand.

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