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Better Service Through Toll-Free Numbers

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Better Service Through Toll-Free Numbers

Better Service Through Toll-Free NumbersGood customer service is key to a healthy, successful business. I know, that statement isn’t going to rattle the business community’s foundation or anything, but sometimes it’s worth reminding ourselves. The aspect of service that is sometimes overlooked, however, is that good customer service doesn’t begin once something goes wrong.

Sales Begins After Money Changes Hands

This is something I remember hearing from a colleague years ago. He meant that just because he acquired a new client that he had been working on for a while that was no reason to consider the effort complete. He knew that the importance of following-through with all of the expectations he set during the courtship of his lead was as high, if not higher, than closing the original deal. The same type of analogy can be drawn with customer service.

Attentively delivering high levels of meaningful service to your customers well before there is ever an opportunity to provide more traditional service solutions engenders trust and builds social capital with your clientele. When you can eliminate barriers to working with your company you have a higher likelihood of securing future business. Furthermore, when experience with dealing with your organization is hallmarked by considerate service, customers are far more forgiving in the event that there needs to be some sort of corrective action taken.

Two Birds, One Number

The best way to pave a smooth path to doing business and delivering a sense of service from your customers’ very first interactions with your company is by selecting one of the thousands of unique Toll-Free Numbers from VirtualPBX. Delivering better service through toll free numbers is easy, affordable, and, according to multiple studies that track consumer behavior, immediately effective, too. Plus, with VirtualPBX’s enormous library of toll-free numbers ranging from the newer 888, 877, and 866 prefixes to the much sought after true 1-800 numbers, you’re sure to have the best selection for vanity or custom number selection.

Boosting your service through toll free numbers doesn’t require much more than selecting the one that you want, and VirtualPBX’s expert toll-free porting agents will be able to handle the rest. By signing up for a free personal tour of the toll-free numbers available to you, the process of using them and tracking their performance, and how else a hosted telephone solution can benefit your business you are well on your way to bringing your customers better service through toll-free numbers, today. Easier yet, call our toll-free number, 888.825.0800, and we can answer your questions right now!

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