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Cut the Line – DNIS Numbers For Your Next Promotion

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Cut the Line – DNIS Numbers For Your Next Promotion

Cut the Line - DNIS Numbers For Your Next PromotionCommunication is key for success in any organization; this shouldn’t be news to anyone out there. What also isn’t unheard of, unfortunately, is that all too frequently there are key topics that go under-communicated within a company and at critical times, at that. Specifically, product launches and promotions are topics that work best when all members of the team are on the same page. Even if your organization is in the minority and never encounters crossing of lines during these times, with the right tools, you can make sure your customers can cut to the front of the line and you can prevent problems before they start.

Nobody Wants to Be Ambushed on the Phone

Some larger sales organizations that rely heavily on retailer networks to distribute their products often earn a bad reputation when it comes to product releases. There is a reasonable argument for trying to keep your sales team in the dark about new product launches that could potentially put the inventory they’re selling today into obsolescence tomorrow. Nobody wants to see a chilling effect fall over their customers as they wait until the latest and greatest items hit the shelves and, moreover, it’s undesirable to require your sales team to disingenuously sell items that they know to be getting a meaningful upgrade shortly thereafter. However, there are few things as frustrating to an organization as getting a surprise from a customer who suddenly read about a new release or promotion before the people on the receiving end of the phone are aware of it. Fortunately, by tethering all of your promotional events, sales, releases and almost anything else outside of the standard course of business to a Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) number, you can effectively make each one of your agents into a mind reader.

DNIS Keeps People on the Same Page

Each DNIS number can be tagged with whatever special significance that your organization wants, so whenever a specific one is dialed, the receiving agent will be able to reference that topic before the call is even connected. This means that an organization can leverage DNIS numbers to make certain that callers always feel like they’re dealing with an informed, organized, and reliable company. Some applications of DNIS numbers include-

  • Selecting a small team of trusted sales people to act as the initial team to handle inbound calls on a new product launch. This gives them the chance to educate themselves on the product beforehand to be the expert that your customers expect.
  • Linking a DNIS to a specific advertisement or promotional sale so as to know if special pricing situations apply for the caller or not. Because you don’t want to give away the farm, do you?
  • DNIS numbers for specific product services, warranties, recalls, or general concerns so agents are prepared to handle whatever issue comes across the phone lines with the information the caller needs during critical service periods.

The Cloud Makes DNIS E-A-S-Y

Because telephone service from VirtualPBX is all hosted in the cloud, adding, changing, and monitoring the traffic on DNIS numbers is nearly instantaneous. Unlike an on-site PBX service that would be unlikely to even accommodate these boutique, customized numbers, establishing them would be costly both in time and expense that most companies can’t afford if they want to remain nimble and competitive.

Getting started with your own DNIS strategy as part of a comprehensive unified communications service is easy, too. To learn how to leverage DNIS for your business, sign-up for a free, guided tour through the advantages and savings that VoIP offers today.

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