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The Holiday Balancing Act

VoIP for the Holidays

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The Holiday Balancing Act

Balancing the Biz

Holiday Company CommunicationsBalancing customer demands with employees’ needs can be challenging during the holiday season, and doing it right helps you separate your business from the competition. There are a few ways to go from a precarious tightrope journey to an easy cakewalk to amp up your communication techniques.

How You Doin’?

Managing customer communication often starts with ‘when’ and ‘how’ your employees receive calls. Using time of day routing and a platform that supports holiday scheduling allows calls to route efficiently. More importantly, it can deliver customer information that speeds up communication and improve overall satisfaction.

Making it Snappy

Once a customer calls your company, providing different greetings based on your IVR or Auto Attendant schedule allows you to present your business professionally and dramatically improve the interactions with your employees. It gives the company the ability to update greetings with audio files or text-to-speech. It allows businesses to inform customers of promotions, product information, or operational changes in their business.

We recommend using Studio by Snap Recordings because it humanizes and customizes the greetings. It also helps companies avoid the cringe effect with cliches like, “due to high call volume, your wait is…” or “our menu has recently changed.” Even better, this year, VirtualPBX teamed up with Snap to provide free on-hold holiday greetings for all our customers.

Holiday Balance Communications

Zap that Holiday Cheer

To take it a step further, with advanced APIs, integrations through services like Zapier, or advanced functionality like our Pivot feature, businesses can elevate customer experience and business operations to deliver the best service possible. That gets a big yay from us.

To break it down, customers want concise and precise information, and their time is valuable and critical. So is the attention they are willing to give your business. From automating call routing, or IVRs, to capturing customer data and notifying employees of call volume, having a communications platform that can be extended and deeply integrated into your business can accelerate your growth through the holiday season.

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