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FREE Studio Hold Greetings for the Season

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FREE Studio Hold Greetings for the Season

How To Put The Snap Back This Holiday

 Studio Holiday Snap RecordingsNo one likes to be on hold, but when it does happen, it is always a pleasant surprise to the ears when the voice on the other end isn’t a repetitive and emotionless-sounding generic Autobot. Nobody enjoys that. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create on-hold messages with a more natural feel to them?

That is why we are excited to have teamed up with Snap Recordings, offering Studio – free company holiday hold messages for your VirtualPBX phone system. Yes, you heard that right.

Time to Snap

Imagine the entire production in your own hands. You are the creator, getting the experience of customizing and personalizing professional studio-quality recordings without any of the hassles. That means no tedious audio file management or expensive audio production when you put together your various on-hold holiday recordings.

You’re A Natural

With the latest artificial intelligence, the free on-hold message from Snap Recordings’ Studio will immediately transform your unique script into a realistic voice message. It’s simple, type in the text you want and let the magic of Studio do the rest. A holiday miracle in a matter of minutes. Another cool feature to creating with Studio is the ability to change it up and use your voice.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and its abundant selection of pre-licensed music tracks, Studio will automatically mix and master your hold messaging for you. From plain text to an authentic human voice in a couple of clicks, here’s a short video on how it works.

Studio Preview

Take It Away, Maestro

The only thing you will lose out on when whipping up your company’s free holiday hold greeting with Studio is time – from all of the fun of creating these custom messages, prompts, and on-hold recordings. I can personally attest to that, trying to decide on having my greeting brought to you by a soothing British accent, paired with a recognizable movie theme soundtrack background. The possibilities are endless and unlimited. But the best part of all, it is super easy to set up on your VirtualPBX phone system.

Let this holiday season greetings be as easy as a Snap.

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