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Incorporating Hosted VoIP in Your Business Emergency Kit

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Incorporating Hosted VoIP in Your Business Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit: VirtualPBX Web Phone 2.0Business owners often consider hosted VoIP to reduce costs, without considering the benefits for keeping their business connected during a disaster. Currently North American businesses collectively lose more than $26.5 billion in revenue each year due to IT downtime. This is significant capital that can be saved simply by being properly prepared when disaster strikes. Don’t let the next natural disaster catch you off guard. Find out why you should make hosted VoIP a priority in your business emergency kit.

If you use traditional landline phones in your business and the phone system fails, you could lose a lot. This includes money, productivity and even customer goodwill. Business owners will discover huge benefits in investing in a business VoIP phone system in their business emergency kit. The system is referred to as hosted because the hardware and other infrastructure used to operate the system are housed off-site and accessed over the internet. That way, if your office gets flooded or you run into a power outage or the next Hurricane Sandy hits, your communication system will still be intact and running. Hosted PBX phone systems allow advanced call routing, so if your office equipment is ever damaged, calls can be forwarded to your mobile phone or another landline with virtually no lapse in business continuity.

Additionally, with softphone apps and the VirtualPBX Web Phone, you can maintain connectivity even when you don’t have access to your handsets. Employees can reconnect with smartphones, laptops or tablets, as long as there is an internet connection. Hosted VoIP systems allow you to stay connected during periods of evacuation. They can even assist during the aftermath of the disaster, when conditions prevent employees from coming into the office.

In the event of a service interruption, you can keep in touch with your customers, and your business can continue running smoothly. Hosted VoIP provides a fast and easy way to take control of a disastrous situation.

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