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VirtualPBX began hosted PBX services for businesses back in the late 90’s. Since then, we’ve evolved our features, continue to perfect our services, and now offer Customer Support 24/7.

How Can Hosted VoIP Help My Business?

Hosted VoIP DiagramThe term “hosted VoIP” has both broad and narrow definitions. In the broadest sense, the term could apply to any type of VoIP phone service, from residential to business-class. In the business environment, this service could be provided by a third party (externally hosted), or “hosted” on servers inside the company using it (on-premise PBX).

How Can Hosted VoIP Work With My Business?

Typically, hosted VoIP means a Voice over IP (VoIP) service for businesses that is provided by an outside company – hosted off of the business’s location. Hosting is usually in colocation (multiple companies using one facility) data centers.

VirtualPBX offers six redundant servers across the US and EU.

People using these services should make sure that the data centers have sufficient power, connectivity, and redundancy to provide high availability and no downtime during the hosted service’s maintenance.

Hosted VoIP phone services for businesses include both the ability to make and receive calls over the internet and the ancillary telephony services that are needed for business use, these VirtualPBX features include voicemail, call routing, virtual attendant, etc. Administration for VoIP business phone systems is usually provided through web browsers.

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