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The Future of Business


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The Future of Business

The New R&R

Future of Remote WorkThe future of business recruiting and remote working is evolving. And no one knows it better than us. Since 1998, helping companies and teams work and communicate from anywhere has driven the VirtualPBX squad. We constantly improve the transition and communication processes for remote employees because we know the remote work lifestyle is here to stay.

Remote Control Mode

Building a remote team that can thrive has many challenges, and they all are minor compared to one thing — 99.9% of the most talented people in the world do not live anywhere near your company’s physical location.

By opening up the parameters of the hiring process, you cast out a wider net to meet talented and innovative individuals. This fundamental principle has driven our recruiting approach and allowed us to retain an expert team. But once you attract the talent, there is another step.

The Laws of “Employee” Attraction

To attract talented team members in today’s business environment requires more than just offering excellent pay, benefits, and challenging work. Respecting a person’s time is equally important.

Asking employees to commute to an office, attend in-person meetings, tote their laptops, belonging, and more around all day can drive dissatisfaction and impact productivity. Removing as much of the “overhead” in an employee day should be your top priority.

Following the 80/20 rule, leveraging technology to allow employees to work from home and save time and actual commuting costs is an easy win for both sides.

How To Keep Connected

At VirtualPBX, we rely on our Voice, SMS, and Video platform to allow team members to work together from anywhere in real-time. Also, we leverage Google for email and calendaring to ensure everyone is in sync and being productive.

To succeed as a distributed team, managers and supervisors must realign their processes and communication with measuring performance based on quality and timeliness of work product, not physical presence or proximity of your team.

Now You’re Stronger Than Yesterday.

As they said in the Six Million Dollar Man — We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster.

The same is true for the future of business – for your business and for your team.

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