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Why Small Businesses Switch to Hosted IP-PBX

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Why Small Businesses Switch to Hosted IP-PBX

When deciding on critical office infrastructure, from office layout to hardware, there is a variety of parts to consider. However, small businesses that rely on frequent communication with customers usually make their phone system a priority to ensure that they consistently improve their customers’ experience. By focusing on customer service, these businesses see increased returns and higher customer and employee satisfaction. Often, this can be achieved by streamlining processes through the use of new technology like a hosted IP-PBX phone system.

Today’s technology allows the small business owner to move away from complicated, traditional PSTN phone systems to faster and more versatile PBX solutions. Besides being an easier-to-use service, the hosted PBX offers several other invaluable features.

– Lower entry points. High-end phone systems used to be the domain of big businesses. By outsourcing the infrastructure, a hosted PBX solution lowers the initial costs of setting up a business-grade phone system. This provides even the smallest business with world-class phone services that have previously been limited to FORTUNE 500 companies.

Scalability. Traditional phone systems are generally bulky, cumbersome and inflexible. By switching to IP-PBX phone systems, growing small businesses can easily add more phone lines as they hire more employees. Some products, like Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere, will reduce the costs of expansion even further, providing free phones to their long-term users.

– Roundthe-clock support. By using hosted services, small businesses outsource specialty IT departments to an outside firm. This allows entrepreneurs to lower their IT expenses and cut back on the operational costs of running their businesses. Hosted PBX solutions are also consistently monitored and serviced by experienced professionals who specialize in IP-PBX phone systems, allowing small business owners to concentrate on what they do best – providing excellent service to their customers.

A top priority for any small business is to shrink costs while providing better service to their customers. By reducing entry and service costs, while providing a low-cost way to scale service as the business grows, hosted PBX phone solutions even out the network services playing field and allow small businesses a chance to succeed alongside large enterprises. They offer a smart choice for any business looking to improve its customer service without breaking the bank.

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